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Got Questions? Text A Vet!

Thanks to the fine folks at Walk For A Dog, you can now get your veterinary questions answered by texting a vet for free!

Wooftrax Ask A Vet

If your vet is unavailable, or you want a second opinion about a non-emergency issue now you can ask a real vet what you should do. Simply text “WoofTrax” to 67076 and you will be connected with a veterinarian in just moments. You can even text a picture or video to better illustrate your concern to the vet if you think that will help.

Get advice from a veterinarian while you are taking your Walk for a Dog. The vet will answer questions about your cat, too (or any household pet). Ask any health-related question, including what is the best distance to walk your dog, based on its age, breed and condition. Learn more about this service here.

Are You Walking for Tripawds?

Remember to use the Walk for a Dog app at least once a week to be an active walker for the Tripawds Foundation. The more active walkers we have, the more donations we can receive from Walk for a Dog!

Walking to support Tripawds is easy!

  1. Download the Walk for A Dog App.
  2. Select the Tripawds Foundation as your charity.
  3. Go for a walk!

Use the app to share your walks on social media, or post them on the Tripawds Facebook page to encourage others to walk for the Tripawds Foundation. It’s fun, and free!

More Ways to Support Tripawds

2 thoughts on “Got Questions? Text A Vet!”

  1. WOW!! What a great rool AND a way to help TRIPAWDS!! And ro have availability to a Vet over weekends and nights…really great!! 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh I wish I had had this app years ago!!! If Da Bear pack ever gets cleared to go back out on dirt roads, I will try it with my iPhone 4:) Paws in Action! And the ability to have questions answered for free when you need a quick answer is an exceptional tie in!!! Thank you for sharing!!! I will be certain to share the word with folks!


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