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The Maggie Moo Fund for Free Tripawd Rehab

Get Your Tripawd Fit, on Us!

The Tripawds Foundation will reimburse those who meet all the requirements outlined below for visiting a certified rehab practitioner for an initial consultation with their Tripawds. Have you scheduled your free Tripawd rehab appointment yet? Read about Maggie here.

maggie moo fund for tripawd rehab

One year after the Tripawds Foundation became an official 501c3 charity, we are thrilled to announce an exciting new program. This is only possible because everyone in this generous community—including YOU!—has helped us exceed our fundraising goals for this first year…

The Tripawds Foundation is pleased to announce our first Direct Assistance Program one whole year ahead of schedule!

Tripawd fitness program

The Tripawds Rehab Reimbursement Program

Maintaining fitness and conditioning is critical to keep three-legged animals in top shape, no matter what their age or health condition. If you’ve reviewed the Tripawds Downloads or Tripawds Gear blogs, you know there are many Tripawd fitness exercises you can do at home.

three-legged, fitness, dog, health, tips, rehab
Wyatt gets fit on three legs.

But there’s nothing like the guidance of a trained, certified animal rehabilitation specialist to ensure you’re on the right track to great health. Even one consultation and evaluation can make a huge difference in your Tripawd’s life.

three-legged, dog, tripawd, tripod, rehab, fitness, health, tips
Tripawd Sampson goes to rehab therapy.

So starting today, the Tripawds Foundation is granting up to $200 in reimbursement to individuals with a three legged dog or cat who visit a certified animal rehabilitation therapist for a first time evaluation.

Receive $200 toward your first veterinary rehab consultation!

How to Apply for the Free Tripawd Rehab Reimbursement Program

The Tripawds Rehab program is for any three-legged dog or cat, due to amputation or limb deformity resulting in loss of limb use. The grant is only available to individual pet owners, not organizations.

Applicants Must:

  1. Visit a certified Certified Practitioner* for an initial evaluation. See below for information about finding one near you.
  2. Submit the receipt to us via email within 30 days of the visit, for reimbursement only of the total amount of the first consultation (up to $200). Any cost of medications, supplements, x-rays/scans, conditioning equipment, medical devices and/or follow-up appointments are not reimbursable.
  3. Provide a 300-500 word written report for publication by Tripawds, along with at least two photos of prescribed exercises being performed. Essay should detail the experience of visiting a certified rehabilitation therapist, and any exercises performed in the clinic or at home. This must be completed within 30 days of their initial consultation.
  4. Submit at least 3 photos of your Tripawd performing any prescribed exercises, either at the clinic or at home. (Optional: If you wish to submit video, send public Youtube link. Do not send video files.)
  5. All documentation must be submitted in one email with the subject “Rehab Reimbursement Application”, and must be received within 30 days of first certified rehab visit.
  6. Indicate preferred payment method: Provide a valid Paypal account email address, or allow up to two weeks for check delivery, if providing mailing address.
  7. Be the individual owner/guardian of a three-legged dog or cat. This grant is not available for rescue organizations, or pets in foster care.

Your essay must include the following: Please paint a vivid picture of your experience for readers. Within the framework of your essay, answer these questions:

  1. What is your Tripawd’s age and breed type.
  2. Why is your Tripawd an amputee?
  3. Did you adopt your animal as a Tripawd? If so, when and where did you adopt?
  4. Describe in detail the exercises you were given by the rehab team and how often you’re supposed to do them?
  5. Why were you given those specific exercises? How do they benefit your Tripawd?
  6. What one thing did you learn most from this experience?
  7. Include a link to rehab clinic website and full name of therapist visited.
  8. How did you hear about Tripawds?
  9. Provide link to Tripawds blog, if applicable.

Essay must be submitted as a text document, editable PDF, or email. All of the above must be submitted in one email to Tripawds in order to qualify for reimbursement. Only applicants submitting all documentation will be reimbursed. Receipt must be submitted in the form of a legible unaltered photo, scan or PDF with clinic name and services rendered clearly indicated.

Maggie Moo Fund rehab grants are available worldwide. Registration for Tripawds community membership is strongly encouraged, but not required. Tripawds community participation is encouraged to get and share the best amputation recovery and care tips.

Find a therapist! Use the Canine Rehab Institute, the University of Tennessee or the American Association of Rehabilitation Veterinarians directories for a worldwide practitioner search.

The Tripawds Foundation will reimburse individual applicants via Paypal or bank-issued check within 30 days of meeting these conditions. Please provide Paypal account email address or mailing address with your application. Payment is only available via Paypal for anyone residing outside the U.S.A.

*Veterinarians with the designations of CCRT, CCRP, CERP, and VMRT have received certification in veterinary rehabilitation training. Diplomates of the American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation also have received board certification in sports medicine and rehabilitation. Pet parents seeking rehab services for cats are encouraged to apply. Since there is no current certification program for feline rehab, please consult with a qualified practitioner. Many CCRT/CCRP offices also offer services for cats. Approval of qualifying practitioners without rehab certification is at the discretion of the Tripawds Foundation.

NOTE: Funds for this program may or may not be available without your support!

Support Tripawds To Keep This Program Going!

What This Program Does Not Cover:

The purpose of this free Tripawd rehab program is to encourage new members to seek professional guidance for developing an exercise and therapy program to keep their amputee pets fit and strong. Only initial consultations and first evaluations with a certified practitioner will be reimbursed. Veterinary services such as wellness exams, acupuncture, chiropractic, injections, or any other recommended treatments will not be reimbursed, nor will any prescribed medications, supplements or orthotic devices.

Rehab Care for Rear Leg Tripawd Lucy
Lucy gets rehab therapy by certified techs at CARE.

Free Tripawd Rehab Application Requirements Checklist:

  • Registered Tripawds username (if applicable), or email address used to register.
  • Receipt from clinic for first consultation with certified rehab tech(s).
  • 350± word essay about your experience (text document), with 2-5 photos of prescribed exercises being performed.
  • Submit all documentation within 30 days of rehab appointment.
  • Email to Tripawds Foundation with Subject: “Rehab Reimbursement Application”
  • Include Paypal account email address for reimbursement* (if check is preferred, provide U.S. mailing address and allow up to two weeks for delivery).
  • Applicant must be an individual person, not an animal rescue or any other organization. Treatment for animals under foster care or in residence at a shelter are not eligible for reimbursement.
  • NOTE: Grant recipients outside the United States will only be reimbursed via Paypal at the current USD exchange rate. Payment by check is not available for recipients residing outside the United States.

*PLEASE NOTE: Subject to availability. Reimbursement to the confirmed pet owner is only applicable toward first consultation/evaluation visit with certified rehab tech. Accessories, supplements, medical expenses and/or other products and services do not apply. Animal must already be an amputee at time of evaluation. Receipt must include consultation date, clinic contact information and itemized session fees. Reimbursement is only available to individual pet guardians, not organizations nor rescue foster parents. The Tripawds Foundation cannot issue grants to other organizations nor nonprofit entities. Grant recipients who have received reimbursement for any Tripawds Foundation program within the past 90 days are not eligible. This post will be updated accordingly if the program becomes unavailable.

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In Canada: Check the Animal Rehab Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

In the UK: Find a physio therapist from The Institute of Registered Veterinary and Animal Physiotherapists.

In Australia: Find certified practitioners in the Australian Canine Rehabilitation Association Directory.

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Who is Maggie Moo?

Support Tripawds To Keep This Program Going!







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68 thoughts on “The Maggie Moo Fund for Free Tripawd Rehab”

  1. This is so so awesome. I hope people take advantage and go to a rehab vet. I wanted to so bad with Sassy but we never got it done. 🙂 Thank you Jim, Rene, Jerry & Wyatt and everyone who has donated to make this possible for people.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  2. Murphy spent several months in rehab following his amputation and subsequent total hip replacement. It made all the difference in his post-amp life. I always recommend it for getting our Tripawds into shape and staying in shape.

  3. This is sooo fabulous!!!! What an incredible offering! Brings tears to my eyes…what a wonderful thing to do for new tripawd owners. The power of rehab therapy is very, very powerful & something that we all can do with some guidance and education.

    Tracy, Spirit Maggie, Haley & Shade

  4. Aww thanks everypawdy. It makes our hearts happy knowing this program is so well-received! Can’t wait to see how many stronger-than-ever Tripawds are going to be out there in the world!

  5. WOW! Had it not been for the Tripawd Neesletter I would have missed this! Was it a blog I missed?

    ANYWAY…. this is wonderful! WONDERFUL!!

    • You haven’t missed a thing. A number of free sessions are still available! Schedule the appointment soon and follow the instructions above for reimbursement.

  6. Great to see this. My tripawd is 12 years old and has been a tripawd for 12 years. Without his regular therapy with our CCRT he definitely wouldn’t still be here with me, let alone sleeping comfortably, while I type this comment!

    • Oh wow Liz, that’s awesome you’ve got him going to therapy. We would love to interview you for the blog, will send you an email. Thanks for sharing, give your pup a smooch from us.

  7. Maybe Sugar can get it on this, just 4 weeks post-op for at hip leg amputation for intramuscular HSA, but unfortunately already blew the ACL on her only rear leg left. Have appointment tomorrow with a Certified Veterinary Therapist tomorrow, will mention this. In the meantime, getting measured for Quad wheels, to help her. She is 12 and a Staff, and hasn’t recovered well at all. Was getting around okay, but does not eat, or do much of her old self before surgery. Just heartbreaking.

  8. You guys are amazing for doing this! I’m going to sign Muji up for an evaluation. Thank you for helping to make this really tough experience a little easier.

  9. Awesome program! Our dog recently became an amputee and we are hoping to have enough money for follow up chemo and therapy. Maybe you will still have this program at the end of May when he may get a therapy! Thanks for offering this!

  10. Are there any spots left in the program still? Was just looking into rehab for my 12-year-old spaniel Charley, who became a tripawd this month. Will go ahead with the appointment anyway, just curious is there’s any sense in sending in all the info. Thanks!

    • Thanks for asking, and best wishes for Charley! We currently have one more rehab session grant available, on a first-come first-served basis, and will update this post when all sessions have been granted.

    • Yes, a few grants currently remain available to registered memebrs. Thanks for asking!

      Be sure to read all the details in the “Please Note” section above, where we say:

      This post will be updated accordingly if the program becomes unavailable.

  11. Thank you! I had assumed it was still available but also saw that as of May there was only one spot left. I just wanted to be totally sure before doing the work to put together an application. Thank you for your time in responding to me!

  12. Is this going to continue once the 5 grants are met? I saw a month ago someone was working on the 5th application. Our Golden Retriever, Koa, just recently became a tripawd. He had chondrosarcoma in his front leg and is only 5 years old. He had his surgery last week. We’re thinking about taking him in for an evaluation but probably wouldn’t be for another few weeks.

    • Hi Stephanie,
      No worries, it’s still going on and will be when you take Koa in. Tripawds’ generous donors have enabled us to continue the program. Sorry to hear about Koa, he’s so young! Hope he’s doing well. Hop over to our Forums and ask any questions you’d like, we’re here to help.

    • Yes! 🙂 As stated above, this post will be updated if/when the program becomes unavailable. Please review all the requirements and feel free to submit your application. Best wishes and thanks for asking.

  13. Our little Lorax could truly benefit from Rehab sessions. He is so young and feisty that I am concerned about his leg strength going into this future. However, of more concern right now are his behavioral issues related to his amputation and abuse that it stemmed from (before he came to his forever home with us). In looking at the websites of registered rehab specialists there is only one in our area, and she is a DMV. She is listed on the pages, and consults with rehab people, but I don’t know if she is a CCRT as well. Would we be eligible for the Maggie Moo fund for an initial consult?
    The forum here at Tripawds have been so helpful and supportive regarding the behavioral problems, but a visit to a professional is becoming an obvious MUST. You can email me at my registered address. Thanks! Andrea and Lorax (andreaj)

    • “In looking at the websites of registered rehab specialists there is only one in our area, and she is a DMV. She is listed on the pages, and consults with rehab people”

      Any vet listed in the directories provided will likely qualify. Feel free to email a link to the clinic if you need to know before scheduling your appointment.

  14. We’re visiting a certified vet tomorrow for an evaluation. I’m going to submit here in hopes of getting a grant. I live alone plus my fur/feather kids. I have six dogs, one kitty, and a parrot. Everyone is disabled except one dog and the kitty. Any financial help would be so appreciated!! Amputation was costly and I don’t qualify for amputation assistance.

  15. This is a very old thread is this grant still available? I have a little boy yorkie a little over a year, He is a tri pawd I would like to do whatever I can for him and learn all I can. Thankyou

    • Yes, the Maggie Foo Fund is still available for any Tripawds member who follows the guidelines outlined above. This post will be updated whenever any changes are made to the program.

  16. Hi there! Is the Maggie Moo Fund still available? I would love to get my Tripawd, Rio, in to see a certified rehab specialist. Please let me know, and thanks in advance for the info!

  17. We just submitted all our documentation to get reimbursement for our rehabilitation consultation. Puma loved it and is looking forward to the weekly sessions at Animation in Stoughton, Massachusetts!

  18. Wondering if this is available for puppies born with deformed leg? May or may not need amputation. Want to meet with a rehab vet to know how to help him grow into his strongest self considering his tripawed status.

  19. So if the person we plan to use isn’t on the list, reimbursement isn’t eligible? We have experience with her already since they thought it was a muscle pull and we were doing PT. Otherwise, is everyone approved? $200 is a lot right now without getting reimbursed and I’m over the minimal poverty level by $1000 or so for other assistance. Thanks, this is great and I want the best for my boy!

    • Reimbursement is available for the first consultation for a three-legged dog or cat with a certified rehab therapist who has one of the following credentials: CCRT, CCRP, CERP, and/or VMRT. If in doubt, email the Foundation with a link to the clinic website including full bio for the practitioner being seen.

    • Yes, reimbursement is available for the first rehab consultation for any amputee dog or cat with a certified therapist, if all requirements are fulfilled.

  20. Hello,

    Is this program still accessible? Aristides, our 13 year old cat, just had his right hind leg amputated July 19, 2021. has already been super helpful with advice, experience sharing, information exchange, and recommendations for harnesses, steps, cat tree.

    I truly appreciate the guidance you provide. It’s a daunting journey but I feel supported!

    • Yes, as stated above this post will be updated accordingly with any changes to the status of this program. Please review all the guidelines and submit your requirements. For help finding the many other Tripawds resources, start here.

  21. Thank you for this wonderful program! We just got our 11 yr old dog BruZer in for his rehab consultation 2/15/22. He had back right leg amputated 10/18/21 due to osteosarcoma and just finished his 4th and final round of chemo (and still cancer-free!). We will apply AND then make a donation so that others can benefit.

  22. We are one month post front leg amputation surgery for our little 8 month old Zoey. This website has been SO helpful during such a scary time, it has given us peace of mind and been such a valuable resource. Stumbled on this thread and can’t believe how generous this is. We were so excited to see that you have registered practitioners in South Africa too. We will be taking our little girl to the first available appointment.

  23. Ellie has loved her rehab session. Looking to submit my reimbursement, but the link to the email address keeps popping up an error box for me. Does anyone know the email address we should send these documents to?


    • Which link? What does the “error box” say? We’ve confirmed both of the email links above work.

      You can reach us directly via email: foundation [at] tripawds dot org

      • Both of the links above are not working for me, but I think it’s an issue on my end. It opens another tab via my outlook app but I get a 500 error “Something went wrong. Repeating redirects detected. Click here to sign out.”

        I will use the address you provided, thanks so much!

  24. Dear Tripawds Foundation/Maggie Moo Fund,

    Thank you so very much for dreaming up and creating this opportunity. I try to be proactive, but would not have thought of a rehabilitation therapy evaluation as part of Aiko’s care team/package, if it weren’t for you!

    Question: one of the vet techs at the practice that cares for Aiko is CCRT/CCRP certified, but her name is not on the websites. Can you please tell us what kinds of proof of training we can provide, so that we meet the Fund requirements?

    Thanks so much – I’m excited for Aiko’s appointment and eager to share her experiences.


    • Simply provide the therapist’s name and credentials with a link to the clinic’s site with your application. thanks for taking such good care of Aiko!


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