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Tripawds Assistance Programs

Tripawds assistance programs are made possible only with your generous support. With our primary mission to help amputee pets and their people, all fundraising efforts go to support pet parents facing amputation and/or a limb cancer diagnosis for their dogs and cats. With your help, we are able to maintain the Tripawds Community website and keep its many pet amputation resources free and available to anyone searching for help and support.

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In addition, the Tripawds Foundation manages a growing number of direct assistance programs. A list of current programs follows below, with links to more information and applications. Consider the various Tripawds Sponsorship Opportunities available to help keep programs going in honor of your company or in a beloved pet’s name.

What Tripawds Assistance Programs are Available?

The current Tripawds fundraising campaign supports the following free pet amputation resources and assistance programs.

Tripawds Community Free Resources

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Tripawds Helpline

Volunteers host the 24/7 toll-free Tripawds Helpline, offering guidance and assistance to pet parents coping with amputation for their dogs and cats. [Details]

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Vet Client Outreach

Free pet amputation client education materials are available free of charge to help save veterinarians and vet techs time spent addressing emotional questions and concerns. [Details]

❤️ Request Free Clinic Brochures

Tripawds Rehab Fund

The Maggie Moo Fund for Tripawd Rehab will reimburse anyone who visits a certified rehab therapist with their dog or cat for their first consultation. No income qualification required. [Details]

❤️ Sponsor the Maggie Moo Fund

ASAP: Vet Care Financial Aid

The Tripawds Amputation Surgery Assistance Program helps pay unexpected veterinary bills for families in need. Qualified applicants can receive up to a $500 reimbursement for amputation surgery. [Details]

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Tripawds Gear Fund

The Tripawds Gear Fund provides free support harnesses for amputee dogs available to people in need of financial assistance. [Details]

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Tripawds Rescue Fund

The Tripawds Rescue Fund helps public shelters and 501c3 rescue organizations raise funds for animals in need of amputation while waiting for adoption with a matching grant of $500. [Details]

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Pet Cancer Care Package

In honor of Tripawd Kaiserin, the Tripawds Foundation offers a free virtual gift basket filled with helpful books and gifts for dogs or cats with cancer. [Details]

❤️ Get One & Give One Gift Basket

Cashew Fund for Tripawd Awareness

In honor of Tripawd Cash, proceeds support outreach efforts toe inform and educate more concerned pet parents about the many pet amputation resources and assistance programs available. [Details]

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And more with your help!

Charitable contributions of any amount support our mission to help Tripawds and their people everywhere. No amount is to small, and all donors receive a tribute on the Tripawds Honor Roll. Other thank you gifts available. [Details]

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