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The Cashew Fund for Tripawd Awareness

With a generous contribution funding desperately needed media outreach efforts, Mona Patel honors her dog Cash by creating the Cashew Fund for Tripawd Awareness. Together we continue to fulfill our mission to help Tripawds and their people everywhere. Read Cashew’s story and see how you can help.

Helping Tripawds and Their People Everywhere

In Honor of Canine Cancer Hero Cash

Cashew was adopted at four months from the Heart of Texas Lab Rescue. He came with the name “Cashew” but I also called him Cash as a tribute to Johnny Cash. All of his life, Cashew accompanied me on many endurance sport and outdoor adventures! He helped me train for the Ironman KONA World Championships, and he enjoyed playing at home on Venice Beach and in our favorite mountain towns – Mammoth, Tahoe, and Jackson Hole. Cashew loved the snow just as much as the ocean.

Cashew’s Canine Cancer Journey

In December 2021, Cashew had trouble walking on his back leg. I took him to the vet immediately. Many appointments, x-rays, CT scans, and biopsies later, he was diagnosed with a sarcoma in his leg.

Unfortunately, the tumor was too big to remove safely. The mass had intertwined with his muscle and sciatica nerve. His care team at ACCESS and Veterinary Cancer Group felt amputation would also be the best course of treatment to remain cancer free. When Cashew had his surgery, I left the hospital with him and a bag of meds – and no information. I felt overwhelmed, and alone.

Then I found the Tripawds Foundation.

The Tripawds resources and online community were invaluable to our journey. A two-time cancer survivor, Cashew inspired others to see how he got a “leg up” in life. He lived a full and happy life until the age of 13. My heart is filled with so much gratitude for experiencing the unconditional love of a dog of a lifetime.

“The Tripawds resources and online community were invaluable to our journey.”

We created this fund in Cashew’s name so the Tripawds Foundation can help others in the same situation. In talking with the founders, one of their greatest needs is help getting the word out about all of their awesome resources. Cashew’s fund will support their media outreach efforts to raise public awareness about pet amputation recovery and care – and the many resources and assistance programs available.

Continued contributions will also fund development of Cashew’s “Tripawds 101” pamphlet. This free booklet will help prevent information overload for pet parents in crisis. It will condense Tripawds recovery resource information into just the basics, to help new Tripawd parents embark on their Tripawd Journey with confidence. With your help, Tripawds 101 pamphlets will be distributed to veterinary offices and hospitals around the world, and made available online for anyone to download.

How Cashew’s Legacy Helps Tripawds Everywhere

The Cashew Fund for Tripawd Awareness helps inform and educate more people facing amputation for their pets with:

Improved public awareness about best recovery and care practices for amputee pets.

Better client education materials for vet clinics around the world.

Greater awareness in the media and veterinary community about Tripawds free resources.

And more advocacy for animal amputees, with your help!


Thank you for joining me in helping Tripawds and their people everywhere!

~ Mona Patel, and Tripawd Angel Cashew

Mona and Cash

Three paws up to our contributors!

Sharing is Caring!
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