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A Closer Look at The Numbers

In just a few months since officially launching the Tripawds Foundation, the first Tripawds Community Fund has raised more than $8,600, nearly 75% of its goal for the year!

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You can check the current status of this fund anytime with this real-time update found in the sidebar throughout this blog and on the Give Page. The Foundation is off to a great start! But our records indicate a slow-down in new contributions.

tripawds gifts fundraising admin
Recent Tripawds Foundation Charitable Contributions

What does this mean?

These numbers are proof that the Tripawds Community is filled with caring, giving individuals who believe in what this community is doing to help those faced with amputation for their beloved pets. It also means we are that much closer to launching future projects, to help amputee animals and their people in many more ways.

Once the first Community Fund has reached its fundraising goal, we will launch additional projects to offer direct assistance and support to Tripawds members. What would you like the Tripawds Foundation to focus on? We have various ideas, but need to make the most of the dollars we do raise. Please leave a comment with your thoughts. We want to hear from you!

Tripawds Foundation Honor Roll
Tripawds Foundation Honor Roll Tributes

Where did the money come from?

Initial funding for the Tripawds Foundation came with a $2,000 kick-off contribution from founding directors Jim and Rene. Another single $1,000 donation was made in honor of Winnie. Subtract these amounts, and that means 57 donors have given an average of $151.00 each.

Every little bit helps! While some are able to give hundreds of dollars, many give ten bucks. Every last cent is greatly appreciated. All contributors are given a tribute post on the Honor Roll to celebrate their three legged heroes and angels. And we offer various rewards for donating at different levels.

Support Tripawds to Honor Your Angels & Heroes Here

Most donors make single donations, but some have opted to subscribe for recurring donations to give on a regular basis. Did we mention all Tripawds Foundation contributions are tax deductible?

Tripawds Charms for Angel Donor Level
Handcrafted Tripawds Charms for Angel Level Donors

Where will it go?

The $12,000 goal for the first Tripawds Community Fund will ensure that the Tripawds blogs, forums, live chat and various other helpful resources remain online—and free! This will cover server management, Internet hosting expenses, and other administrative costs for at least the next two years.

NOTE: Most of the initial $2,000 infusion provided to create the foundation was already spent on application fees, software and professional support. This means we have a long way to go to help keep Tripawds online forever!

No directors are currently compensated for their ongoing efforts to grow and manage the Foundation. Any remaining capital available from the first Community Fund will go to community outreach and ongoing administrative expenses. Want to help spread the word? let us know if you’re interested in representing the Tripawds Nation at upcoming pet events or walks. We’ll be happy to help send member volunteers promotional materials so more people learn that it’s better to hop on three legs than limp on four.

Any questions?

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2 thoughts on “A Closer Look at The Numbers”

  1. Very informative AND encouraging!! Yes, we have to keep the momentum going!

    Cannot even imagine the monies, much less the time, it takes to administer to the internet costs, management, Tripawd marketing supplies, etc. And Jim and Rene NEVER get a day off!! And you teach “Computer for Dummies” on top of all that! 🙂

    I would LOVE to see enough monies come in so our devoted selfless Founders could be compensated!!

    Additionally, perhaps some funds could be earmarked for costs to set up an actual;

    “Coping With Loss Hotline”
    “Support When Faced With Amputation Decision Hotline”

    I know there is a lot of redundancy as these are addressed with the threads in the site. Perhaps it could be another “marketing tool” though to help raise more awareness and outreach of our commuity.

    REGARDLESS, please feel free to give my name and number out anytime for any of these challenges!

    This may be a bit off track…but when we set up our Avatars, maybe our States could be “required” as a connecting point for future Tipawd citizens?

    Probably nothing new here that you haven’t already heard!

    Thanks again for all the information you posted today. The paperwork and record keeping alone is daunting…much less everything else you do!!

    With endless aplreciation!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

  2. Awww Sally, thanks. We truly love what we do here, couldn’t picture life any other way, we’ve never felt a greater purpose than the Tripawds Community, it’s Jerry and all of our Tripawd heroes speaking to us each and every day.

    The hotline idea is AWESOME. I know we’ve talked about this and it’s high on our list. What if you started a topic in the Forums about it, maybe in “Community Announcements”? I’d love to see how many people at any given time would be interested in volunteering for it. Thanks for bringing this up again.

    Love you lady!


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