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February Furballs Never Forgotten

The Tripawds Foundation was honored to receive an anonymous charitable contribution honoring the following Tripawd Angels.


First, this donation is to honor Bud and anjl.

The Tripawds Community was saddened to receive the news that longtime member and supporter Bud has gone on to the Rainbow Bridge.

Tripawds February Furballs
Tripawds February Furballs

Bud was one of the original four February Furballs.

These four Tripawds members celebrated life on three legs together throughout their journeys in the blogs and forums, since they all had their amputations during the same month—February, 2010.

Tripawd Rottie Sassy

Finally, a portion of this donation is made in memory of Sassy Sugar Bear.

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2 thoughts on “February Furballs Never Forgotten”

  1. Angel and Bud, Micki and Rio, Gentle Heart Bellona, Michelle and Sassy Sugar Bear, and Shari and Rowdy Dawg Dakota….a beautiful way to pay tribute to beautiful Souls, dog AND human Souls.

    I KNOW how dearly each dog was loved, how dearly each dog had everything possible done for them, how dearly they loved soaking up all that loving and spoiling that had bestowed upon them during their bonus days.

    Each dog…DAKOTA…SASSY…RIP…BUD…BELLONA…chose their humans to travel by their side while on earth…and to continue to travel by their side in their Spiritual Energy form. As we know, each human felt so privileged to have these beautiful Souls in their lives. And we also know these dogs felt just as privileged.

    I hope each of you know how privileged we all feel to know Dakota, ro know Sassy, ro know Bud, to know Rio and to know Bellona. Their lives mattered to us. We love each of them….they each rouched us in so many different ways. They will NEVER be forgotten here!

    Thank you…you sweet anonymous Soul…for paying tribute in such a meaningful way.

    Sending love , lots of it!

    Sally and My Chunky Spiritual Being Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. I woke up this morning missing my Bud.

    When I scrolled through my Facebook this was the first thing I saw.

    Thank you anonymous for the kindness extended to us in the midst of our sorrow! I was very aware last Friday that we would very much be missing not celebrating what would have been Bud’s 5 year Ammpuversary. It is a huge milestone and we were so close.
    Every pm, text, card and gift that I have received this week has been from a friend. A friend that I met here. Someone that had a special three legged friend that lived in their home but stays in their heart.
    I hope that everyone beginning this journey will be as blessed as we are at the end of this journey.
    Until then, cherish each moment and keep hoping and hopping!
    Thankyou anonymous and much love Tripawd friends!


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