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Adopt a Tripawd. For Free!

The Tripawds Rescue Fund has been suspended indefinitely due to lack of funding.

Tripawd Rescues
Your three legged friend is waiting for you!

Amputee animals are often overlooked at shelters as being handicapped, and frequently remain in rescue programs for extended periods, or worse yet, euthanized because potential adopters look the other way.

tripawd cat rescues
Tri-kitties need love too!

As an incentive to encourage adoption of three legged pets, the Tripawds Rescue Fund will reimburse the adoption or processing fee!

Tripawds Rescue Fund

Tripawds Adoption Fee Reimbursement Program

The Tripawds Foundation will reimburse the adoption fee (up to $100) for any registered Tripawds member who 1) rescues an amputee dog or cat from a verifiable animal shelter, and 2) submits a brief written essay (see below).

The Tripawds Rescue Fund is temporarily on hold.

PLEASE NOTE: No rescue reimbursement applications are currently being accepted while we adjust program requirements to better serve amputee pets in shelters everywhere, and the people who adopt them. Please stay tuned for an announcement when grants will once again be available.

It’s this easy:

  • Adopt a Tripawd.
  • Submit itemized receipt for adoption fee from shelter. Name on receipt must match that of the applicant.
  • Send Tripawds Foundation a written story and a few photos about your three legged friend. To encourage others to adopt Tripawds, please submit a minimum of 350 words that answers questions such as:
    • Was there a special person or animal who made you want to adopt a Tripawd?
    • Have you ever had a “special needs” animal before?
    • How will you help your Tripawd live longer, healthier and injury-free on three-legs?
    • Has your perception of “special” needs changed since you adopted your Tripawd? If so, how?
    • What would you say to someone who is thinking of adopting a Tripawd cat or dog?
  • Include your Tripawds username. Tripawds community participation is encouraged to get and share the best amputation recovery and care tips.
  • Answer this question: How did you hear about the Tripawds Rescue Fund?
  • Provide Paypal account email address for prompt payment. If a check is preferred, please indicate so and provide a mailing address. (All 2-3 weeks for check delivery.)
  • Get up to $100 back!*
  • Provision of any altered documentation or falsified information will be grounds for immediate dismissal of your application without notice.

Simply email us all of the above information within 60 days of adopting your new three legged friend. This post will be updated upon any changes to or cancellation of this program.

Reimbursement Application Checklist:

  • Registered Tripawds username, or email address used to register.
  • Receipt from verifiable animal rescue organization or shelter with same name for client as applicant.
  • 350± word essay about your experience, with 2-5 photos. (See story notes above)
  • Submit within 60 days of adoption.
  • Email to Tripawds Foundation with Subject: “Rescue Reimbursement Application”
  • Include Paypal account email address for reimbursement* (or mailing address if check is preferred).

*Payment is only available via Paypal for recipients residing outside the United States.

*PLEASE NOTE: Subject to availability. Reimbursement only applicable toward adoption and processing fees for one animal per household. Accessories, food, vaccinations, medical expenses and/or other products and services do not apply. Animal must already be an amputee, or require an amputation at time of rescue and adoption must be completed no more than 60 days prior to application. Receipt must show same name for client as applicant and include adoption date, shelter contact information and itemized shelter fees. Reimbursement is only available to registered Tripawds Community members. Grant recipients who have received reimbursement for any Tripawds Foundation program within the past 90 days are not eligible.

Sponsor this program to help rescue more Tripawds!

Help Spread the Word!

Tripawds Rescue FundYou can help  three legged rescue dogs and cats everywhere find their furever homes!

Use the share buttons below to help spread the word about this Tripawds Rescue Fund or post the images above to your local shelter’s Facebook page with a link to this post.

Print this Tripawds Rescue Fund Flier and take it to your local rescue.

Together we can find homes for all three legged cats and dogs!

Submit your Reimbursement Application

PS: Assistance projects like this are only available with your support!

Please see comments for additional clarification!




55 thoughts on “Adopt a Tripawd. For Free!”

    • Yes, any individual registered Tripawds member who provides a photograph of an itemized receipt from a verifiable animal shelter, and meets all other requirements will be reimbursed for the listed adoption fee only, up to $100. This is limited to one per person, and only the first five applicants will be considered during this trial program. Shelters will be verified by phone and/or email, so a link to the organization’s website must be provided, or visible on the receipt.

  1. I just adopted a tripawd yesterday- she had surgery Friday the 5th and got to come home yesterday. However, I paid my adoption fee on January 30. Am I eligible? Adoption fee was $125. My paperwork has both dates. Thanks!

    • Congratulations for your new three-legged friend, and thank you for adopting Jillian!

      Feel free to submit your application materials for further review. Please note that you must meet all requirements listed above, and there is currently no Tripawds member associated with your email address.

  2. What a great idea! We adopted a three-legged Akita puppy in December, she’s sweet and gentle and loves the world. Hard enough for shelter dogs to find homes, but with three legs, yes, I guess it might make some people hesitate. All I can say is our experience has been positive and we’re looking forward to the journey as our baby grows up (and grow she will, she’ll be huge).

  3. This is amazing! I wish I had known about this when I adopted Stella last June…! Seeing her being a champ as a tripawd in her kennel at the humane society was so inspirational I adopted her on the spot.

  4. Thank you Tripawds for making the adoption of our little Francis possible ! This is a wonderful program that deserves far more media attention ! Thank you and to all the donors for your generosity.

  5. HI, I’m looking locally for a tripod or other special needs cat or two. Can you help me find them? Or do I need to call all of the shelters and rescue groups to see if they have any special needs cats.
    Thank you

  6. When will the adoption grant be open again? We want to make sure we get our application within the time limit, but you have closed it down for right now. I just gifted my daughter (paid) (Who actually filled the adoption paperwork out.) a beautiful kitten who the rescue said was found with a bone sticking out for a leg and and a broken tail. Both has been removed. My daughter would like to apply provided we can do it within the time frame. Thanks.

    • Currently there is no estimated time frame for re-starting the fund, as donations have not kept pace with the demand for this program. Once donations increase you can rest assured it will be re-opened. You can help speed things up by spreading the word about the community with everyone you know. Thanks and best wishes to your new TriKitty.


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