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In Honor of Libby on her Angelversary

LibbyMany thanks to amya for another Tripawds Foundation contribution honoring Libby!

We are giving this gift in honor of Spirit Libby’s 2nd Angelversary.

We still miss her every. single. day.


Thanks for all you do to keep this community going.

~Love, Bret & Amy Angel

Video Tribute To Tripawd Angel Libby

Read all forum posts started by amya to learn more about Libby’s life on three legs.

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7 thoughts on “In Honor of Libby on her Angelversary”

  1. Cannot tell you how many times her banner pops up with her stylin’ her lretty yellow bandanna and looking so happy taking a swim!

    A d we DO miss her too. Goodness knows that girl fought a brilliant battle and loved every single second of extra bonus time she had with her HUSBAND and her SISTA’ WIFE! 🙂

    This time of year around April, too many very special pups headed for the Bridge. We can take solace knowing they are having a blast and thoroughly enjoying each other’s company. The bond we jave with them and with each other, can NEVER be broken.

    Thank you so much for honoring your sweet Libby this way. It’s so life affirming and continues her legacy of hope for others.

    You and Libby will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart and will NEVER be forgotten! EVER!!

    Sending lots of love my friend

    Sally and My Chunky Spiritual Being Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie

    PS…Rumor jas it that the Easter Bunny hides eggs in the crystal clear cool lake at the Bridge specifically for Libby to go find. She just loves that Easter Bunny!

  2. Okay Lbby, okaaaay! I get it!! It’s not your bandanna (which I k ew), it’s your floatcoat!!!! I went back to the forums after my post here and Libby :-).s banner popped up. I ppsted a reply ro someone and went back to the forums. Lobby’s banner popped up again! She wanted to make sure I didn’t confuse her float coat with a silly scarf! 🙂

  3. Amy,
    I know this is still rough and I can’t not believe she has been gone 2 years. It seems like yesterday. Every time I see Libby’s banner I think of her and how much she enjoyed swimming.
    Thank you for your donation in her memory. She will never be forgotten

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  4. Thank you, ladies! Oh Sally, you always make me chuckle with your Sister Wives reference, lol….gets me every time! 🙂
    Allison, I know we said goodbye to our girls pretty close together in time. It’s not a bond we would choose but I’m glad we share it. It’s wonderful that you and Sally are paying it forward by helping this community with your knowledge and experience.
    Michelle, thank you for always knowing what to say and having a kind word for me, especially when it comes to dealing with Libby’s loss and honoring her memory.
    You ALL rock!
    (((Allison, Sally, Michelle)))
    Amy & Spirit Libby

  5. Amy, you popped into my mind the other day. I think it is this time of year. There are a bunch of us that lost our pups so close together. I too see Libby’s banner quite a bit. I am not on here quite as much as I used to be. My life has gotten quite crazy, but in a good way. I know all of our angels are at the bridge having a blast. Thinking of you, Lori, Ty and Gang

  6. There’s something in the water where this time of the year has a strong tug on my heart to this community. Seeing your sweet, dear Libby pop up brought a smile to my face and also the same feelings of grief, anger, and emptiness. I know the emptiness you speak of. I feel her absence, too! Oh, Libby… I know you’re up there in the great pools and ponds, mucking it up and having a great time! We miss you TONS.

    ~ Katy, with Jackson in her heart


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