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Sadie Sends Elvis to His New Home

The fine folks at Karbach Brewing have made it possible to reimburse another happy family who adopted a three legged dog from a local shelter. Please welcome Elvis to his new furever home…

My wife Ashley and I began our tripawd journey on December 8th, 2015. Our sweet Sadie, who was an eight-year-old weimaraner at the time, had to have her right front leg amputated due to osteosarcoma. We were devastated, scared, nervous and every other emotion you can think of. She was such a good girl and tough as nails. She ran out of the hospital on three legs the day after surgery. It’s almost like she could feel how scared we were and she wanted to put us at ease. You could almost hear her say “I got this, don’t worry.” She tolerated chemo like a champ until treatment number four when she became septic. She was in bad shape, but in true Sadie fashion, she bounced back stronger than before.

Tripawd Sadie

Unfortunately, on October 17th, 2016 we had to make the heart-wrenching decision to let Sadie go. She developed a neurological condition that kept her from walking. We decided at the beginning of her treatment that we would not let her suffer and that when the time came, we would allow her to pass with peace and dignity. She had fought her heart out and inspired us with her courage and unconditional love. We were heartbroken with the loss of Sadie.

My wife follows Big Dog Ranch Rescue on Facebook. They are based out of West Palm Beach, FL. On December 4th, 2016 while out having breakfast she told me that BDRR was at a local car dealership with some dogs. We weren’t really looking for a dog or ready for another one yet, but decided to go check it out. BDRR is known for all the weimaraners they have, but they didn’t have any with them this day. We saw a little dog that looked like a beagle, jack Russell mix and he was a cutie. Then we saw him stand up and you guessed it. He is a tripawd!

Tripawd Rescue Elvis
Tripawd Rescue Elvis

He was found on the streets in Miami with a badly broken leg that couldn’t be repaired. I wondered why people were passing up on him, but once I saw him stand, I figured it out. People were scared off by the tripawd. Ashley and I were immediately drawn to him for the same reason people were scared. We know how special tripawds are and how inspirational they can be. We adopted Elvis the tripawd that day and we are head over heels for him. I truly believe that Sadie sent him to us.

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I would encourage anyone that loves animals to give a tripawd a chance. They are amazing stories of perseverance and courage. I would advise that if you do adopt a tripawd, to make sure to keep his weight at a good level so that it’s easier for them to walk. We place nonslip rugs all over the house to give him traction, which helps keep him safe. Since we let our dogs on the couch, we also purchased steps for our tripawd so that he can get up and down on and off the couch with ease. We exercise our tripawd and give him breaks we he needs them. We let him tell us; otherwise we let him go, go, go.

Tripawd Rescue Elvis

All animals are special, but Tripawds have a special place in our hearts. They adapt to life on three legs so quickly that I wouldn’t even call them special needs animals. The only special need they have is for us as owners to be a little more diligent to make their environment safe for them.

Yours in the Fight,

Brian and Ashley Campbell (And Sophia and Elvis)
Proud members of Tripawds
Username: Brian

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Tripawds Rescue Fund Details

The 2017 Tripawds Rescue Fund is made possible by Karbach Brewing. To keep this fund and other projects going please consider a charitable contribution to Help Tripawds Everywhere!

Tripawds Rescue by Karbach Brewing

6 thoughts on “Sadie Sends Elvis to His New Home”

  1. It is so special you have honored the spirit of your beautiful warrior, Sadie, by giving darling Tripawd Elvis a happy home. Thank you for sharing!

    Lisa and Angel Pofi

  2. OMD what a wonderful story! It is sooo obvious that your Sadie orchestrated this whole thing from over the bridge :). You are right, people are scared to adopt tripawds, except for those of us in the know 🙂 Your love for Sadie and hers for you shines through your story. Elvis is one lucky pup that you “randomly” ended up at that adoption event! Looking forward to following his adventures!

    Codie Rae and the Oaktown Pack

  3. Ues, I remember following beautiful Sadie’s journey when she first joined the “family”! Such a beautiful gentle Soul. Underneath that gentleness was quite a Warrior though, thats for sure!! Sje really enjoyed her extra bonus time with you and made the most out of each day!! What a sweetheart!!

    And now, to send you pick Elvis out for you…just in time for Christmas…best Christmas Miracle evvvver!!!!! 🙂 🙂 The way this all unfolded could not have been ore “meant to be”! Isn’t it funny how you were thinking in terms of a four legged Weimaraner, and Sadie alreadynhad a three legged Beagle/Russell picked out!!!

    Loooooe Elvis!!! Absolutely adorable!!! Guess that’s his adoption day photo?? Look at how happy he is, a d his human too!!!! :-):-):-) Could not possibly have a more loving furever home!! Sadie knew EXACW what she was doing!! Sure, you will miss Sadie forever, but she is so happy knowr she brought some joy and laughter back into your lives!!

    Looking forward to following all of the adventures you and Elvis have!! Such a lucky boy!!

    Lots of love to all!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!


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