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Tai Goes Off to See the Wizard…

Tripawds Community member traceym is recipient #15 of the Maggie Moo Fund for Tripawd Rehab. Read on for details about Tai’s free session with the renowned canine rehab expert, Wizard of Paws* in Colchester, CT.

maggie moo fund for tripawd rehab

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Free Rehab Evaluation for Tai

TaiTai is a fourteen year old Cairn Terrier. I adopted her from a breed rescue in 2010. The first years of her life were spent as a “mill momma” – bred to produce puppies for sale. I was living in Arizona and she flew from her foster home in Texas to me. She is now pretty well traveled; in 2012 we drove from Arizona to Connecticut to relocate. She has always done well in the car and was very well mannered in the hotels.

Within the last year she was diagnosed with arthritis and slowed down a bit – she still loves to walk, just not as far as we used to. She was already on arthritis medication and supplements before her accident.

Canine Rehab for Tai

The accident happened in October while we were in Maine. She broke her right hind leg in the hotel when I was out – I think she tried to jump on a table to look out the window. We went to a local vet who x-rayed and medicated her and set us up for the drive to the surgical center. It was there (Ocean State Vet in RI) her leg was assessed as too damaged for repair, that the bone was weakened probably due to cancer; a biopsy would be done. I was an emotional mess and the vet assured me that Tai was still comfortable – this was the day after the accident, she had stayed there overnight – and that she was a good candidate for the amp, so I gave the OK.

 Canine Rehab for Tai

We are now about six weeks past surgery and though she has slowed down she is still her stubborn terrier self, wanting to walk and see people and she still comes to work with me two days a week. November 29 was her first therapy session – she was worked on the “Infinity” ball, balanced on some bigger balls and spent a couple of minutes in the water treadmill. The doc sent us home with the Infinity ball and two exercises – balancing her lengthwise for a few minutes (for her core) and the other to work on her back leg (balancing on her hind leg with her front legs over the ball).

Canine Rehab for Tai

In three weeks we return for a recheck. Our first session at home together was not as disciplined as with the doctor but I’ll keep trying! She has done so well with all of this and she deserves every chance. I wasn’t sure when I made the decision to amputate that I was doing the right thing…the only other choice was euthanasia…but now I see amputation was right for her. She eats, plays, walks and now works out…she goes to work and visits family…she is happy. Her bone did test positive for cancer but her lungs are clear – I’ve decided against chemo, we’ll enjoy life together and recheck in the spring.

Canine Rehab for Tai

*Learn more about Canine Rehab for Tripawds with the Wizard of Paws.

8 thoughts on “Tai Goes Off to See the Wizard…”

  1. I had a Cairn, Barney, who had a spindle cell carcinoma. When they tried to remove it, his heart stopped and they had to quickly reverse the anesthesia. They recommended we see a veterinary oncologist….local one was $10,000.00 but we were able to get in to California University Veterinary College at Davis, for $2,300.00. Barney went to Davis. Spent a week there…. I think they kept him longer because they all fell in love with this sweet loving boy.

    When he got back, it was my turn to go in for my right knee replacement and rehab hospital. The team at UC-Davis had put in a pacemaker for Barney and the rehab hospital suggested that Barney come with me as they found that patients got better faster with their dogs around. They had me walk him down the hall to the amp rehab ward. There was a 12 year old there who, apparently, wasn’t cooperating with his recovery plan. He took an interest and liking to Barney…. esp. when he found out that Barney had had cancer. He promised to be better with his prosthesis if Barney could come back and walk with him…. which is how Barney became a cancer therapy dog.

    Tripod dogs are great. Barney was 14 when he had cancer and he lived to 1 week past his 19th birthday.


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