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Tripawd Warrior Maggie

This is a tribute for Maggie, the beautiful Tripawd warrior whose family, represented by community member Magsdad, lost her to bloat a few months after her amputation.


Her spirit shines on as Magsdad offered us a harness and when the timing was such that Pofi did not end up using it, I passed it along to CharlieBear the WonderPyr who is using it to help him get in and out of the truck.

You are missed, Miss Maggie. We all wish you could have stayed a little longer with your loving family.

~hester (Pofi’s Mom)

Maggie’s Blog

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4 thoughts on “Tripawd Warrior Maggie”

  1. Maggie!!! You are STUNNING, gorgeous, beautiful, and, obviously a CORKER!!! And you have a MaggieMobile!!! (My previous WonderPyr, Heffalump, had a HeffleMobile but I have NEVER seen another one in useuntil now. Great minds there, Maggie!) Maggie, we are sorry we never got to meet you but please know that if CharlieBear, my current WonderPyr, ever had met you, he would be in absolute awe. And, instead of the Kill Barney tour, Maggie’s harness is going on a Live and Love Maggie Tour!!!! First place, Pofi who led us to this site. Without Maggie ( and her phenomenal and loving parents) and without Pofi ( and Lisa), CharlieBear would have a hard time getting to the Vet School where he is currently being treated. Or going on truck rides at all! When the time comes, CharlieBear will pass the Live and Love Maggie Tour harness on. Until then, we will try and have it monogrammed with Maggie’s name ( and, if okay, Pofi’s name as well.) CharlieBear is going to the Vet School tomorrow and we will try to take pictures and post Maggie’s harness on tour. LOVE YOU MAGGIE!!! Hugs and PyrPaws all around!!! Thank you for your generous spirit and for those grand, sparkly, corker eyes!

  2. I really, really, really hope you get how much MAGNIFICENT MAGGIE touched our lives AND wull continue to do so!!!

    Mag has passed on legacy that MAKES A DIFFERENCE….a LIFE AFFIRMING DIFFERENCE!! To know that, you passed on Maggie’s harness to help make a difference in Pofi’s life, and then to know Mag’s harness was subsequently passed o to harlieBear to make a difference in his life….yeah, that’s a very special legacy!!

    And I looooove that Charlie Bear will have it engraved with Maggie’s name…BEAUTIFUL REMEMBRANCE, just beautiful!!!

    Just to add to the lovely sentiments expressed by Pofi and CharlieBear, my Happy Hannah was also the recpient of a “gift”‘passed on by Super Dog Hunter. It was supplements so I wasn’t able to pass that particular gift on. But with each “treat”, each and every single one I gave her, she and I thanked Super Dog Hunter and held him reverently in our hearts. I asked that a picture of Hunter be enclosed and I have him in a special place in my home, right next to some other very special Angels who gave her a gift in one form or another. Just my long winded, rambling way of reaffirming to you how much Mag’s gifts on so many levels mean to us all!

    Thank you Lisa and Pofi for honoring this very special Soul by making a contribution in her honor. I know it brings some comfort to Maggie and her humans to know how much we care.

    Maggie’s blog and her posts will continue to Inspire anyone starting this journeyy…..ESPECIALLY HUGE DOGS IN THEIR…er…..”mature” years!!!! We can always guide people to her posts as PROOF that big dogs CAN actuae have a smoother recoveries, as well as enjoy life to the fullest!! And in Maggie’s case, that meant being with her peeps, sleeping on HER couch, making her Dad move if he was in HER spot in the couch, sitting outside under HER favorite Sycamore tree (even if it was in her neighbor’s yard) with one of hermost favorite human beings in her whole world!!

    And you know what else comes shining through about Maggie’s legacy??? Maggie was sooooooo loved and sooooo adored….a d she knew it!!! The love you and your family shared will stay in our hearts, your hearts, and hers, FOREVER!!! The bond you HAVE with her is truly EXQUISITE!!!

    Thank you for the privilege of getting to know sweet Maggie. She will always be cherished here. And give Murphy a hug for us too.

    With love to all!

    Sally and My Chunky Spiritual Being Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie

  3. Oh,I just wanted to add how much I love that smile making picture Lisa picked out of Mags in her Royal Chariot!! Such a treasure!! 🙂

  4. Lisa, Thank you for honoring Maggie as you have. It is a great thing for us to remember Maggie. You are very special and I am sorry Pofi didn’t get to use the harness but you passed it on to someone in his honor as well.

    Thank you for the double donation.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy


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