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Purrkins Goes Postal for Tripawds

Purrkins has an official postal carrier uniform this year! 🙂

Purrkins Postal

Purrkins, the Postal Carrier, wanted to help reach the goal for the Tripawds Matching Contributions Campaign this year!

Purrkins Postal

He is going to help send out more free brochures to the Vets!

Purrkins will be 2 years post op in July, and he wants people to know about Tripawds and know Tripawds do have more fun!

Purrkins Postal

We are furever grateful for our hero Purrkins – he does not hop on, he thrives on three legs.

Purrkins Postal

Thank you to the Tripawds Community for helping us & all fellow Tripawds!

~ Purrkins’ Hoomans

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9 thoughts on “Purrkins Goes Postal for Tripawds”

  1. PUUUUUUUUUUUUURRKINS!!! You are the most handsome postman ever! And that uniform, well it really brings out your beautiful pale green eyes. OMC, Purrkins, I can see how hard you’re working to get the Tripawds message out and spread the word about the campaign. I’m sure your Mum has the biggest two year ampuversay celebration ever in the whole world ever planned to thank you for services. We look forward to hearing all about it.

    Love you, sweet Purrkins! And Saxton too, In hear he’s been helping to sort the mail, those backroom jobs are very important as well.

    Meg, Clare and Angel Pie ❤️

  2. Ahhhhh I love Purrkins so much! You are doing such as purrrfectly awesome job at spreading awareness. 😀 😀 And two years post amputation, that’s just fabulous!!

    Tiffany, RR Jake and Tetrapod

  3. Mr Purrrrrrkins, my darling beautiful boy! I absolutely adore your uniform!!! Brilliant! I applaud you in your efforts to get those brochures out… Stewie had delivered to places so far, but he doesn’t have a cool uniform like yours! Maybe next year he will get promoted?

    Those mini brochures in your pocket are a great idea for all the little kittens, after all they don’t neeed the large ones do they? And your core is soooo Sexy, you are in competition with your brother on that one Mr!

    Cant wait for July, what with Stewie’s one year Ampuversary coming up then, we will have a massive party from one end of the continent to the other!!! Mr. Purrrrrrrkins, we will celebrate big time with you!

    In the meantime, Postcats don’t get paid pawing around, so get your beautiful furry butt out there and spread the word about Tripawd kitty’s and how they don’t just Hop On, They Thrive!!!

    Holly, these pictures are brilliant and that uniform… Absolutely fantastic!!

    Lots and lots of love and hugs
    Petra, Stewie, Sr. Spikey, Chester Monkey, Miss Priss Lily and Tedwardo xxxxxxx

  4. Oh Purrkins! That outfit is purrrfect for you! Such a handsome (and smart!!) boy 🙂

    You and your mama are an amazingly organized and dedicated wealth of information to the Tripawds nation, thank you so much for everything that you do.

    Tons of hugs and kitty chin scratches, lots of love and appreciation,
    Jackie and Huckleberry ❤ ❤ ❤

  5. PURRKINS!!! OMC!! I didn’t know it was possible for you to be any cuter than you already are! You just pproved me wrong!😎 Cutest, most handsome, most adorable Mailman evvvvver!!

    So is PURRKINS actually paw deliveringthe brocures in your area, or helping you address and msil them? You know they can be customized to inclide Purrkins on the backmof the brochure, right? I do hope you customize some with pics of PURRKINS, You have so many priceless pics of him, it would really be hard topic just one.😚😚

    Lots of love to all! AND yes, tons of gratitude for ALL you do to help Tripawds in spool many ways💕💕

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too

  6. ~Aunty Clare your right Saxton had to call off work due to his belly ache. He is back to work behind the scenes when he feels up to it.
    I always look up to your Megastar you know! She is my inspawrations!

    Saxton here- Thank you, Auntie Clare, for not forgetting bout me. I do work hard, and Purrkins always steals the show since they took his arm. Miss Angel Pie understands;) We wove you & the Megastar!

    ~Thanks, Tiffany we wove you & Tetrapod, Rr Jake Angel Tripod and all the kitties you save!

    ~Stewie has Mum give my Mom a t-shirt size, and she shall work on you a uniform ok? Maybe we could sort out a picture of us together on duty. We shall celebrate our ampuvesaries In JULY I’m getting my furry butt back to work now!
    Wove you Aunty Petra and Stewie and you know I wove the kitties & Uncle Paul too!

    ~Thanks, Jackie & Huckleberry we have been working hard to share how well kitties do on three legs & hope to help others like you are.

    ~ Thanks Sally my furry butt is both delivering the brochures and I am styling inside of the brochures;) I have the helpline host number on my chest did you see it? Mom told me you was part of the number I pridely wear! Wove to You, Frankie and Myrtle

    Seriously my furry butt & my hoomans woves & appreciates every one of you. Thank you!

    Your Tripawd postal Carrier Furry butt Postcat Purrkins & behind the scenes Saxton❤️

  7. Sexy Saxton, you are absolutely correct my darling Kitty and just so that we can be sure to make you feel extra special, Stewie and I are sending you very special get well kisses and we truly will be keeping you in our prayers for you to be feeling better soon!

    Mr Purrrrrkins, I would Ruv to be your Post Paw Man anytime!!! My Mum will look into the Tshirt thing… 😉 thanks!!

    Ruv from Your Hedgie Ruvin’ friend Stu Butt!


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