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Holiday Tribute to All Tripawds

The Tripawds Foundation received a surprise Christmas present in the form of a generous contribution from long-time support and friend Michelle, which has put us that much closer to reaching our fundraising goal for the year. Thank you!

sassy christmas

Sassy Sugar Bear’s last Christmas.

In honor of all of our Tripawds this Christmas Season. May we all have a Happy year.

~ Michelle, Bosch, Snickers, Jasmine, and Angel Sassy

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4 Responses to “Holiday Tribute to All Tripawds”

  1. Michelle ~
    You really have the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever met. Thank you for all that you do for Tripawds – from your donations to the hotline. Sassy’s legacy lives on to help so many others through you. <3

  2. Michelle –
    You are indeed a Christmas Angel…what this season is really all about. I’m honored and blessed to call you friend. May everyone learn from your selfless giving – the world would be a better place. I know Sassy is so proud of her mom! <3<3<3

  3. Thank you. I am doing what I can to help more of our furry babies. Paula & Donna I am blessed to have you as my family and friends.


  4. Earth Angel, Christmas Angel, Saint Michelle…..yes ma’am, you own all those accolades and more!!
    Such a loving way to honor our Tripawd Heros❤ This site is invaluable to anyone starting this journey and MIST continue! We support and inform, we celebrate successes together, we mourn together and, some of us are lucky enough to forge forever friendships with kind Soils like Michelle and so many others we call our friends.

    It will be a gloriously happy time for some members, and a very sad time for others. But you make sure everyone knows uou arr here for them in any form they need. Yoj contribute in so many ways Michelle. And today, you contributed jn a way so this site will always be available so no one ever has to travel this journey alone.

    Yes, as Donna and Paila said, Sassy is so proud! She loves that you are carrying on her legacy in such a life affirming and in a way that reminds us all, Sassy is here!!!
    We all love you Michelle ❤❤❤❤❤

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