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2019 Tripawds Virtual Marathon Race Results

Many, many thanks to everypawdy who participated in the 2019 Tripawds Virtual Marathon!

During the month of November, 31 participants running and walking from all over the world logged more than 1,597 miles around the virtual Chicago Marathon course to raise awareness and funds for the Tripawds Foundation pet amputation community resources and assistance programs. More than $2,700 were raised, falling just $299 short of the campaign goal. Check the leaderboard and support the cause here!

Watch this short video for details about the final results and see how easy it is to use the Racery Virtual Challenges app that made this event possible.

Tripawds Virtual Marathon Leaderboard

No, this was not a race! Everyone is a winner.

Running was not required. All month long, “racers” ran, walked, hopped, and rolled around the course – logging and average of 51.5 miles. Twenty Eight of the 31 completed at least one Marathon distance of 26.7 miles, earning a badge in the Racery app along the way.

Top 10 Virtual Marathon Distance Runners

  1. AdminGuy: 147.2 miles
  2. OtisandTess: 126.2 miles
  3. Jamie9705: 119.3 miles
  4. TripawdsRene: 106.1 miles
  5. tinsch: 98.0 miles
  6. ShirleyMaePepi: 88.7 miles
  7. Dobemom: 88.6 miles
  8. dawn3g: 80.8 miles
  9. TeamWAG-Julie: 75.8 miles
  10. sassymichelle: 58.3 miles

And no, this was not a fundraising contest either. Everyone helped raise $2,701 to help support the many Tripawds resources and assistance programs. That is only $299 short of the campaign goal. the “race” may be over, but…

It is not too late to support the cause! Help reach the race goal here.

Top 10 Tripawds Foundation Fundraisers

  1. Nancy Steele: $507.10
  2. Nelson Endert: $487.10
  3. Nicolette Damico: $188.09
  4. Brad Raughley: $172.09
  5. Christine Castellano: $127.09
  6. Tina Schröder: $127.09
  7. Rene Agredano: $107.09
  8. Natasha Baguley: $92.09
  9. Jim Nelson: $77.09
  10. Tawnya Smith: $67.09

By sharing their personal fundraising links from within the Racery app, participants were able to track how much they raised from friends and family. Donors could choose to back their favorite runners, or back all to support the whole team.

racery comments

Tripawds members, and total strangers to the community joined in on the fun from far corners of the world – running and walking from home in California, Iowa, New Jersey, Germany, and beyond. The Racery app made it fun and easy to log activity, track the progress of others, upload photos from wherever they ran, and comment to cheer others on.

tripawds patchDid we mention? Everypawdy is a winner!

If you participated in the 2019 Tripawds Marathon, we can’t thank you enough. But we would like to show our appreciation. If you have not already done so, please send your mailing address to receive the coveted Tripawds Merit Badge for your efforts.

Only $299 to go! Help reach the race goal here.

Special Thanks to Racery

This fun Tripawds Virtual Marathon campaign was made possible with the help of the Racery Virtual Challenges app. Get details and start your next challenge at

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