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2022 Auction Update: Top Bids and Ralphie’s Give Away News!

This Tripawds 2022 Dog Art Auction Update news is exciting stuff! Have you see the latest bids on the great paintings up for auction? Or Ralphie’s give away? Check it out!

This year’s first Tripawds Dog Art Auction Update is Big News!

Here’s the first and second place bids so far, and BIG news from one talented pup doing a fantastic job spreading the word. 

Tripawds 2022 Dog Art Auction
Tripawds 2022 Dog Art Auction

Highest Painting Bid (So Far!): In My Blind’s Eye, $290 and climbing!

Blind painting dog Peekaboo
Peekaboo’s painting is up to $290!

Peekaboo the Blind Puppy (PB the BP) is doing some fantastic auction promos on her Instagram channel All that hard work is paying off! To date, her painting is at $290. 

Second Highest Painting Bid (So Far!): Field of Flowers ($250 USD & rising!)

painting dog artist Wilhelmina
At $250, Wilhelmina’s painting is coming up close to BP’s!

Wilhelmina is determined to catch up to BP’s auction bid frenzy. Her painting is now at $250. Help her get closer to BP’s lead!

And 3-Paws Up to Summertime ($160 to date, but you can make it higher!)

painting dog artist Ralphie
Get Ralphie’s best painting and so much more if you win!

An extra shout-out goes to Ralphie. He’s also promoting the auction in a big way on his Instagram channel. This boy’s kind-hearted and generous pack is giving away all these extras to the winning bid of his painting. 


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We are so happy that Ralphie is working so hard to make this auction a huge success. This boy is winning hearts everywhere!

Bid BIG! Let’s Make the Next Tripawds 2022 Auction Update Even Better!

Don’t wait until the last day to place your auction bids. Place your bids now at the Tripawds 2022 Dog Art Auction website.

We are so thankful for these incredible artists who are donating the art, covering shipping costs to artwork winners, and of course putting so much time and love into this event to help us make it a success. 

Together we are making this event the biggest Kaiserin Pet Cancer Care Package fundraiser ever! 

Tripawds 2022 Dog Art Auction

3 thoughts on “2022 Auction Update: Top Bids and Ralphie’s Give Away News!”

  1. Loving this!!!! So much dog talent……and so much hooman giving 💖💖💖
    I’m sure I’ve missed it, but coud you repost the link that has all the dog pictures and current vid??? Seems like there is one “somewher”….but maybe not🤔
    Such a fun project that contributes in so many ways

  2. Thanks! That’s exactly what I was looking for!
    Have to saySunflowers and Solidarity with the “artist” in a Ukranian home and the setiment from the”artist”…….yeart is melting 💖
    Every artist, every story behnd their work the spectacular pieces……..wish I couldd purchase all!!!


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