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With Love to Sexy Saxton Joe

A sad farewell to Saxton Joe πŸ’”


I was inspired to do this tribute to a very special boy, when I read his anonymous tribute, obviously from another very dear friend who admired Saxton greatly. It was beautifully written and I think Sexy Saxton Joe deserves a gazillion Tributes, so here is ours, with love from the Allen Furmily…

Saxton Joe
Saxton Joe

Dear Sexy Smart Saxton JoeBird

You gained your beautiful β€œSilver” Wings my friend and we are truly truly saddened by this news.


Words can not express all of our thoughts and prayers for your furmily, their sorrow is too great! But I can say that my heart breaks… not only for a dear friend that I have come to know, but for your furmily and the great loss that they feel too, now and furever more!

You were Brave, you were Strong and you and your Pawrents were an incredible team. You have shown incredible perseverance over the years, allowing Mum & Dad to help you live a beautiful life with your darling brother & SuperHero Mr Purrrkins. We will love you and miss you furever more darling boy. May you run free with your Spirit Siblings and exchange your love stories that you have shared with your Furmily over the years.

✨ πŸ’ πŸ’«

Our hearts go out to you Miss Holly, Mr Mark and our Whisperrring Purrrkins, we will all furever miss that Magnificent Tuxedo, long whispered, long toed, Little Big Fella I called Sexy Saxton!


Sending each one of you a massive hug, love and our deepest condolences.


P & P, Chief Chester & Tender Ted.

P.s. Super Spirit Stu tells me he has been flying in the wind with Spirit Saxton JoeBird, I heard the wind chimes flying wildly today, yet there was no obvious wind to speak of! There’s no doubt in my mind that Sexy Saxton and I are going to have some magnificent conversations.

πŸ’«πŸ˜½ ✨🌬 πŸ§‘πŸ’πŸ§‘
Love you my friends!

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2 thoughts on “With Love to Sexy Saxton Joe”

  1. Oh Petra, this is such a lovely tribute. You, like all of us here know all to well the depth of love and the depth of grief in the cycle of life for our beloved furbabies. You are still in the midst of grieving for our beloved Thewie, yet still reaching out to comfort anotherπŸ’–
    One thing this journey does, is connect us with the most beautiful, caring and compassionate Souls in the Universe.
    I k ow Hollh and Mark will be so touched by your kind.
    And purrfect photo of Saxton!
    Love and light


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