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Nation’s Leading Amputee Animal Organization Expands Outreach with Major Grant

CONTACT: Rene Agredano & Jim Nelson

When pet families and animal rescues need help with a three-legged dog or cat, Tripawds Foundation is ready to help. Today, a major donation is allowing the charity to expand its support as more families and shelters face big financial challenges.

Livingston, Texas — 4 February 2024 — Tripawds Foundation announces expanded outreach with the launch of the Cashew Fund for Tripawd Awareness. Established by a generous donor from California, this grant allows the addition of an outreach team member with the sole focus of doubling the reach and mission of the charity in 2024.

Rene Jim & Wyatt
Rene Agredano (L) and Jim Nelson with their Tripawd Wyatt in 2018

Founded by Rene Agredano and Jim Nelson in honor of their own amputee dog with cancer, the group’s mission is to create a community for pet parents of three-legged cats and dogs. Tripawds works tirelessly to ensure the global community has access to resources, support, and each other as they navigate new ways of doing life with their amputee pet.

Shelter overcrowding in the United States especially affects the unhealthiest or hardest-to-care-for pets; amputees are often the last to be adopted. Without correct information and resources, these cats and dogs can be seen as a big challenge for both shelters and potential owners. As part of the foundation’s 2024 goal, the group will assist even more shelters and potential owners with access to funding for surgery, rehabilitation therapy, assistive devices, and more.

In addition to helping pet parents, the grant funding also allows the organization to expand their reach to veterinarians, to help them provide on-the-spot information to pet parents facing amputation for their dog or cat.

“The Tripawds resources and online community were invaluable to our journey.”

– Mona Patel
Mona and Cash
Benefactor Mona Patel and her Tripawd Cashew

“We never want anyone to feel lost and alone when they find out their dog or cat has cancer,” Nelson explains. “For vets, we [Tripawds] save time spent addressing emotional concerns of the pet parents so the doctors can care for the pet.”

“There is often a split second to make a decision on amputation because the pets are often quite sick once this option is presented,” Agredano continued. “And when you want to know what to do once the amputation decision is made, your next step is often online searching. Our goal is to always be at the top of every search engine to help a pet parent stop, breathe, and proceed.”
Author’s Tripawd, Rudolph, who lived 8 additional months after amputated cancerous leg. Tripawds Foundation was critical to her dog’s success.

Author’s Tripawd, Rudolph, who lived 8 additional months after amputated cancerous leg. Tripawds Foundation was critical to her dog’s success.

Most pet owners are surprised by what a Tripawd can do. Without the Tripawds Foundation, they may have difficulty envisioning the high-quality life a pet can have on three legs. Tripawds ensures they can see the big picture for their pet.

The Tripawds Foundation also has big plans for Tripawd Awareness Day (Triday) on March 3, 2024. To find out more about Triday visit To learn about Tripawds Foundation assistance programs, visit

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As Tripawds Foundation celebrates our 10th year, we are excited about the progress we have made in creating a strong and supportive community. The mission at Tripawds is to provide free resources, support, and connections for pet parents as they navigate life with their 3-legged pets. We believe that by growing our outreach, we can meet the needs of even more pet owners facing similar challenges. Tripawds is particularly interested in connecting with more veterinarians and pet shelters who share our passion for helping amputee pets. By collaborating with veterinary professionals, we can ensure that more pet parents receive the necessary guidance and care. Find all Tripawds blogs and resources at

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