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Tripawds Foundation 2023 Impact Report Overview

Woohoo! Tripawds Foundation is celebrating 10 years in 2024. And it’s all thanks to the generous support of members like you. We want to take a minute to acknowledge your kindness, with a brief Tripawds Foundation 2023 Impact Report.

By the Numbers: The 2023 Tripawds Foundation Impact Report Snapshot

Every gift makes a difference. By helping us make our $24,000 fundraising goal in 2023, Tripawds Foundation was able to continue Tripawds Assistance Programs that help amputee pets with surgery costs, rehabilitation therapy, and more!

Here’s a brief look at where your gifts went last year:

20 Kaiserin Pet Cancer Care Package Bundles totaling $2,970

Kaiserin Pet Cancer Care Package recipients
Kaiserin’s legacy is helping Tripawds fighting cancer

18 Amputation Surgery Assistance Program (ASAP) Grants totaling $17,111 total

Tripawd Financial Help Recipients
Just a few of the 18 dogs and cats you helped last year.

4 Tripawds Rescue Fund Grants totaling $2,000

Tripawds Rescue Fund recipient Winnie
Winnie got help with our program.

and, wait for it:

31 Maggie Moo Veterinary Rehab Therapy Reimbursement Grants totaling $5,615

rehab therapy for three legged cats and dogs
Some of the many Tripawds who got free rehab thanks to you!

With every gift, Tripawds are stronger, healthier, and happier. And so are their people!

We are so grateful for every donation. Tripawds members like you keep our important work going, you help us make a difference for three-legged animals around the world. You make this world a better place through Tripawds Foundation.

We owe special thanks to our Sustaining Members who provide vital ongoing support for Tripawds Foundation free resources and assistance programs, with their regular charitable contributions.

Let’s Keep the Momentum Going in 2024!

The Tripawds Foundation is getting stronger every year. You can be part of it in many ways, such as:

Spread the Word with Tripawds Brochures for Your Veterinary Clinic

Tripawds Outreach Brochures
Get free Tripawds outreach brochures!

Gift a Kaiserin Pet Cancer Care Package to a Tripawd Fighting Cancer

Kaiserin Pet Cancer Care Package Program
Kaiserin’s legacy lives on!

Kick Off a Tripawds Legacy Fundraiser for Your #1 3-Legged Hero

Tripawds legacy fundraiser
Your Tripawd inspires!

Set Up a Loving Legacy with Tripawds Foundation

Tripawds Legacy Planned Giving Logo
Leave a planned giving legacy.

Becoming a Tripawds Program Sponsor

Tripawds sponsorship programs
Sample of ways you can sponsor Tripawds programs.

Join the Tripawds Foundation Supporters Circle

This is one of the simplest and most important ways you can keep helping Tripawds and their people.

2024 Tripawds Impact Fund
You can make a difference!

How Your Sustaining Gifts Helps:

However you are able to assist amputee pets, we are grateful for your kindness and enthusiasm.

It’s your energy and dedication to making life better for three-legged animals that inspires us to do what we do since the foundation began in 2014. Thank you so much.

Sharing is Caring!

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