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Canine Rehab Helps Tripawd Airedale Puppy Clementine

Tripawd Airedale puppy Clementine benefits from free canine rehab evaluation and at-home therapy thanks to Tripawds Foundation Rehab Grant #186. The consultation, and rehab exercises help Clementine stay strong and love life on three legs. Read her story, and learn how you can get a free veterinary rehab evaluation for your dog or cat.

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Meet Tripawd Airdale Puppy Clementine

Clementine is a 4 month old Airedale Terrier.  Clementine suffered a left hind limb injury at 8 weeks of age just prior to our adoption of her.  She unfortunately suffered additional injuries to her left hind limb while in a splint which initially did not require surgery.  After 2 weeks of crate rest, we received devastating news – she had evidence of worsening injury with muscle contractions, thus requiring immediate surgery.  During surgery it was discovered that her bones were not in great condition and likely wouldn’t take to orthopedic hardware. 

New Tripawd Airedale puppy Clementine would face a difficult recovery, therefore amputation was presented as an option.  It was a grueling decision to make, but we did not want Clementine to continue to be in pain as she had been over the 4 weeks prior, so we chose amputation.

tripawd airedale puppy
Rehab for Clementine

Clementine’s Rehab Regimen

Clementine had a first visit with rehabilitation therapy around 4 weeks post op when she was having right hind limb weakness. 

We were given a set of 5 exercises to do with Clementine once daily:

  • Sit to stand
  • Cavaletti rails (low)
  • Cookie stretches to the side
  • Cookie stretch elevated stand
  • And Snuffle Mat/Treat Trail 

We practiced the exercises in the therapy office and I was given a handout with directions and photos to take home.  These exercises were chosen to help Clementine strengthen her muscles.  Our goal is for Clementine to build up her strength and confidence to do steps.

balance mat
Clementine exercises on her Balance Pad.

Clementine’s rehabilitation therapy takes place at Care Center Cincinnati with Dr. Caitlin Schmidt, DVM, CCRP, CVA.  The kindness, compassion and understanding displayed by Clementine’s rehabilitation therapy team has been wonderful.  I am so thankful for her care team. 

Cavaletti Poles
Clementine works the Cavaletti Poles.

I work in human health care and I had no idea this kind of team existed for our furry friends.  Learning about the field of animal rehabilitation therapy has renewed my hope in Clementine’s healing.  Her care team has a variety of treatment modalities they can offer and that is comforting. 

I heard about the Tripawds community when I was searching YouTube for videos about three legged dogs so my oldest son could begin to learn how to care for Clementine.

~ Julie and Eloise

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