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Introducing the Tripawds Foundation

The Tripawds community could never have grown to be such the valuable resource it has become without the generous support of members over the years. From the simple blog we started in 2006 to share Jerry’s story, Tripawds is now:

  • A network of more than 900 member sites,
  • More than 10,ooo discussion forum topics,
  • A live chat room, and
  • A vast library of information about life on three legs.

All of this is available at no cost to anyone coping with a cancer diagnosis and/or amputation for their dogs—and a growing number of cats.

As the community has grown, so have the expenses, and so has our desire to do much more for those facing amputation for their furry family members.

With 7,000+ members and more joining every day, and a mission to help them all by providing an educational forum now—and funding future assistance programs in the future—the maintenance costs alone have become a roadblock to reaching our goals.

That is why we are honored and pleased to announce that official 501c3 status has been granted to the brand new Tripawds Foundation!

Why Create a Tripawds Foundation?

hannah and sally
Tripawds Supporter Sally with Happy Hannah

The creation of a nonprofit arm to the Tripawds community was the next natural step to keep Jerry’s Legacy alive.

Numerous people turn to Tripawds every day for information and support. We simply must keep the website online, and continue to offer free blogs and forums for them to share their stories and learn from others who understand what they are going through.

In addition, we have always wanted to provide additional support to those in need of financial assistance for veterinary care, rehab services, or assistive devices. And, on many occasions over the years, we have had to turn down generous contribution offers from individuals and corporations because we were unable to offer receipts applicable for deduction under section 170 of the U.S Tax Code.

Starting now, everyone’s charitable contributions to Tripawds Foundation are tax deductible!

Please consider helping Tripawds in our mission:

The Tripawds Foundation serves as an educational and support forum, providing resources for individuals and organizations seeking information related to animal amputation and related health conditions.

How to Support Your Tripawds Community

Yes, this is your community. That is why we created the Foundation, and this new website, with various ways for you to receive a tax deduction for your charitable contribution. We have provided considerable initial funding, and are turning to you for help in growing our reserves to keep Tripawds online and fund future projects.

  • Donate any amount easily!
  • Subscribe for recurring contributions.
  • Receive honors for your gifts.

How to Give

Get to Know the Tripawds Foundation

Browse this site for more details about the Foundation and watch for updates in the Foundation blog. Learn about all current projects and make a gift today to add your three legged hero to the Honor Roll.

With your help we can grow this Foundation to continue helping Tripawds everywhere!

Thank you for your support.

12 thoughts on “Introducing the Tripawds Foundation”


    It is soooo important to keep this community available. The information and support from those who have experienced this journey first hand is invaluable!! The advice shared here cannot be found ANYWHERE else!!! Nothing can come close to “preparing” you for this journey like the Tripawds Universe.

    Because I still do things the “old fashion” way, I’ll be sending a small contribution in the form of a check on behalf of my beloved Happy Hannah for a remembrance in The Memorial Wall and a second check will soon follow.

    And to see my Happy Hannah’s picture on this blog….yeah…pure mush over here!!!

    With love and limitless appreciation for ALL you do…….

    Sally and My Eternal Light Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

  2. PS…..And an extra hug to Heather and her MAGNIFICENT ZEUS and, of course, JERRY and Rene and Jim for funding to get this glorious program started off!

  3. We have shared this article on Murphy’s Facebook page. So happy that you have been able to make the Foundation a reality.

    Kathi and Murphy

    PS. Love the picture of Hannah and Sally! It is perfect for this article.

  4. So very happy to be reading this!! Love seeing Sally and Happy Hannah! I can’t think of any better words than what Sally and Kathi have already said….This foundation is a dream finally realized through so much devotion by you Rene, and Jim, and most importantly, Spirit Jerry. We all will be forever grateful.
    Much Love,
    Bonnie and Angel Polly

  5. Yay, I love the fact that the foundation is up & running. I shared this on my page too. Love the pictures.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  6. This is such a wonderful community and I’m so happy to see it to continue to grow and evolve!!
    With the creation of the Foundation and dream of future projects, Jerry’s spirit will be able to touch even more furkids and their parents that are on this journey.

    Congrats on an awesome job!!

    Sahana and her Angel Leland

  7. I love that this is now a reality!!!! This forum, community, is a lifeline for those facing this choice and dealing with cancer and navigating all the options out there. It is overwhelming and scary and every member of this community is kind, patient and helpful – no matter if they have to answer the same question time and time again. And the support when a loved one passes is like none other. There is no limit on grief and this community is always there. I am forever grateful for the support I received and still get … months … after my beloved Shelby has passed. Her legacy lives on forever. Thank you!

  8. Love that the foundation is set up!!!!! I will be donating in honor of Slider this weekend!!! I don’t know what I would have done with out this wonderful community during Slider’s 15 month OSA journey. I want to share on my fb page but do not see a share button…. how can I do this to the word out about the foundation?

    Kathy & Angel Slider ( gained his wings on 11/22/14 )

  9. Congratulations, Rene and Jim, for this next huge step! Your tribute to Jerry’s life continues to grow and help so many of us in this wonderful community of the heart. I’m proud to be a member and supporter. Thank you. Just please don’t use the picture of Jerry with the tip jar on the new masthead. It’s really pathetic. :>)

    -Liz and Angel Roxie Lou and Spirit Trevor, too


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