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Happy Hannah Honored Anonymously

The following tribute was provided with an anonymous charitable contribution.

Honoring Sally and Happy Hannah, whose bright guiding light is always there for all who find themselves at Tripawds, beginning a very frightening journey with a beloved pet…..

donor sally and happy hannah

Happy Hannah and Sally

Without her loving kindness, and upbeat guiding support, the light here would not shine as brightly…She is definitely the earthly Angel of this wonderful community.

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11 Responses to “Happy Hannah Honored Anonymously”

  1. Awe, I LOVE that photo of you two!! You ARE a very bright light in the Tripawd community!!!

    Tracy & Spirit Maggie

  2. Great photo, indeed! Sally, you truly are a beacon of light for all of us in the Tripawd community. You have lifted my spirits many times, especially during the heartbreak of the last few weeks. Your dedication to our community is truly a testament to the love you and Happy Hannah share!

    -Kerry and Angel Lily

  3. You are OUR Tripawd angel!!!

  4. This is just precious! What a beautiful picture and it embodies that light so well.

    I’m so glad I’ve had the privilege to get to know you Sally. You are a rare gem indeed.


  5. <3 it. I am so glad someone did this 🙂 Thank you whoever you are

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  6. ANGELS!! ANGELS, YOU ARE ALL EARTH ANGELS!!! WOW!!! I feel like my heart is going to burst with gratitude!!!!

    Happy Hannah and I are touched beyond words!!!

    When I had to post her transition through the gut wrenching sobs that were nearly suffocating me, I was literally screaming though the computer as I was typing these words…”PLEASE,!!! PLEASE!! PROMISE ME YOU WILL NEVER EVER FORGET MY HAPPY HANNAH!!! PROMISE!!”

    And you haven’t! You have nooooooo idea what that means to me! Her time here mattered! She touched lives and, most of all, she made us laugh out loud!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH FOR HINORING HER!!! And to honor her by helping this community…..this community that has become a lifeline for us all…this community of love and support… this community that adds a dimension of connectedness to our true selves that we would never tap into without the lessons of unconditional love we learn here.

    Thank you my little “Anonymous Angel” Happy Hannah and are so deeply touched!!

    And to my Tracy and “Good Girl” Maggie, to my Penny and our Sweet Photogenic Maggie, to my Michelle and Smiling Sugar Bear Sassy, to Pam and our Gentle Harmony, to our dear Kerry and Courageous Lily (who still reaches out while her grief is still so raw)….I thank you for your kind words.

    And dear Sage Rene, that picture…just perfect! Her transition was shortly after that and I remember being sooooo comforted by seeing her “bathed in the light”. I was wearing all of my “touchstone” jewelry you made for me at the tkme…all at once…it helped me “be more dog” and stay in the moment more than you know!

    With a grateful heart, thank you for your beautiful words and this lovely way to honor my beloved Happy Hannah!


  7. Lovely photo of Sally and Happy Hannah <3. I know she is running around at the bridge and smiling down on you Sally.

    Alicia and Angel Daisy xoxo

  8. Thank you Alicia and Daisy!!!

  9. So well said!!! It’s an honor that I came to cross paths with a true earthly Angel!!

    Sahana and her Angel Leland

  10. “I shall mirror the kindness shown to me, pass it on to others and support this site and community any way I can.”

    Who said that?

    Well, you wrote it, Sally, the day after you made your first (required reading) forum post proclaiming that you thought you’d made a huge mistake.

    Need I say more? (Congratulations, by the way, on the honorarium!)


  11. Sahana and Leland….. ditto right back atcha’ times a million!

    Shari and Dakota Dawg…….and you were there for me from Day One! Your kindness has been a privilege to reflect back to others!!! Love to you and ALL your family!

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