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Remembering Tripawd Hero Bart

Words cannot begin to express what Bart gave to me, the entire Tripawds Community and all who had the fortune to meet him.

tripawd vizsla master hunter bart
Tripawd Vizsla Bart

Bart, you gave people hope – you shattered all life expectations by thriving in remission for over 6 years! After all, you had LOTS to do!

Bart, you altered people’s belief on what could be accomplished on 3 legs – you showed everyone that attitude is EVERYTHING!! If you believe you can do something, the only failure you will have is by not trying.

tripawd vizsla master hunter bart

Bart, you made people smile – you exemplified health and happy-ness by living each day with unbridled exuberance which was absolutely contagious! People could not help but laugh and smile when you appeared on the scene!

tripawd vizsla master hunter bart

But, most of all, Bart, you gave me your all, and I think of you every single day. You are a part of my Heart. You are a part of my Soul. Thank you, Bart, for being my dog and best friend. I owe more to you than you will ever know and I thank you from the core of my being for choosing me to be your Mom for 9 ½ perfect years.  You were, to put it mildly, an Extraordinary Being. I love you forever.

~Darcy (aka bartsmom)

Bart – an extraordinary Vizsla

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3 thoughts on “Remembering Tripawd Hero Bart”

  1. This is beautiful, as is Bart. Sorry Bart, I guess I should use handsome! I always have to read about Bart. I can just see his personality shining in his pictures. I sure hope he has met TY at the bridge. 6 years, that is just so amazing. What an inspiration for those starting their journey here! Thank you for sharing Bart with us! Lori, Ty and the gang

  2. EXTRAORDNARY BEING INDEED!!! Bart continues to shine his light of hope on all on this journey!

    Your tribute is just PERFECT! It comes straight from your heart…straight from your “onenss” with Bart. We get it.

    Yes, Bart flourished and made each day more magnificent and glorious than the day before! And he did that because he felt soooooo loved an soooooo protected and soooo deliriously happy because he had you as his soulmate.

    You and Bart are legends around here! We love every single picture and every single morsel you share about him! Never stop!!

    Surrounding you with Bart’s warm and loving light…

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

  3. He was extraordinary. He is and always will be one of our Heros. I was so proud that day when I saw you both on TV and he was just sitting there smiling getting his award. So awesome. Both of you are. Thank you for making sure his legacy continues on.


    Michelle & Angel Sassy


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