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With Gratitude for Tazziedog

The following Honor Roll tribute is made possible by an anonymous donation given on behalf of tazziedog (AKA “Dr. Pam“) and all she does for us.

Tazziedog Tripawds Forums Bio

For Tazzie

Tazzie was 6 yrs old when I discovered a lump over her right carpus and she had her leg amputated within 2 weeks. A post-op biopsy confirmed OSA (Osteosarcoma). We started chemo with carboplatin 3 weeks after her surgery. She had 5 doses every 3 weeks. I tried metronomic chemo with cyclophosphamide but had to stop after 1 month after she had a serious bladder infection. She did well with meloxicam, Power Mushrooms, and artemisinin for a total of 14 months when she suddenly collapsed and could not walk.

Three Legged English Mastiff Tazzie

Unfortunately the tumor had returned in her spine. Since this is a very painful thing we decided to let her go. She was a big sweet girl and we still miss her to this day! I think she did very well for a dog that started out at 190 pounds and had prior operations on both of her knees (ACL injuries). Her quality of life was great until the very end.

I thank you guys for maintaining such a great website. I refer people to it all of the time and fortunately most of the dogs that we need to amputate do not have cancer. Even if people decide not to amputate their cancer dogs they can still gain valuable info.


Video Introduction to Tazzie

Tazzie Coming Home: One Vet’s Amputation Surgery & Recovery Tips


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2 thoughts on “With Gratitude for Tazziedog”

  1. A well deserved tribute to an extraordinary dog and hernhuman. If anyone has to be on this journey, to be on it with Tazzie and Dr. Pam is a privilege!

    Tazzie is the gift that keeps on giving. I cannot even imagine the “giant heart dogs” who got extended time on this earth as a result of Tazzie shining her beacon of hope on us all. Through her mom,Tazzie continues with her life affirming legacy that knows no ending.

    Thank you Tazzie and Pam, for still being such a vital cornerstone to this community. After Tazzie’s transition, and while still dealing with your own grief, you stayed here to help others with your compassion and your knowledge. Talk about a dog and her human with a purpose…WOW! Tazzie’s life matters and she will NEVER be forgotten here!!

    On behalf of my beloved Guiding Light Happy Hannah and myself, a sincere and heartflet thank you for all that you do for us. You were there for us. I hope you know we will always be here for you.

    With love and graritude

    Sally and My Eternal Light Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!…and Tripawd Frankie Huckleberry!

    PS…Bummed because I couldnt see video…said “plug in required”…guess I dontw have a plugin!

  2. I love these big, sweet, gentle giants in the dog world…..I have known many various gentle giant canines in my life, and my life is richer because of it.

    Thank you for sharing your story, Dr. Pam, and a bigger thank you to helping out anyone and everyone of us that may need your professional guidance, wisdom, and knowledge, you have greatly helped shaped this wonderful community in many ways. We are all grateful.

    Bonnie, Angel Polly, and new crew


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