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Chocolate Kisses Forever

The Tripawds community was shocked and saddened by the sudden loss of Charley, a true canine cancer hero and inspiration to all. The following comments were sent along with an anonymous donation made in his honor…

Three Legged Chocolate Lab Charley

I would just like to thank Charley for being such a huge inspiration to all of our Tripawds and to his Mommy Ellen for being such a huge inspiration to all Tripawd parents. Charley’s legacy will live on forever and he will never ever be forgotten. We’re all rocked by his sudden passing but all our lives have been enriched for having followed him on his courageous journey.

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8 thoughts on “Chocolate Kisses Forever”

  1. Thank you whoever did this in memory of Charley. He is a major hero and will continue to be. <3 Charley Run free buddy.


    We have a face to the word VICTORY and his picture is posted above and his name is CHARLEY!!

    The Legacy of Charley will continue to inspire and touch lives! He denied osteosarcoma TWICE!!! Charley beat it! He beat the odds! He blew the rough off so-called statistics!! His story will be legendary among the veterinary medical community and he will co ti ue to be the face of victory for all facing this disease.

    Such a life affirming way to honor Charley! Nice!


    Sally and My Eternal Light Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle

  3. Joe and I thank whomever did this from the bottom of our shattered hearts. I never knew my heart could hurt so much. Knowing that there are so many people that were deeply touched by Charley’s journey, how many people he inspired to fight cancer, how many dogs were given a second chance at life, and how many people love him and are grieving for his loss, makes what we are going through a tiny bit easier.

    Lots of love, hugs and chocolate Labby kisses from me (and Joe) and my forever Warrior Charley xoxo

  4. Ellen, we were brought together by our canine cancer warriors! Charley rocked it all the way to the end. I know it’s not easy it hurts like hell and you’re lost, your routine will change and are question we ask ourselves is WHY? Our fur babies fight so hard for us and we are strong for them or try to hide our fear at 3am on tripawds crying to someone far away. But what is so amazing is God is in control he brought this amazing web site together for each and everyone of us no matter what journey he chose for us. Charley was and still is the champion of Cancer Warriors. He beat that evil disease twice. You my dear did so much research and held up so many when you were fighting Charlie’s battle daily. You held me up numerous times as well as many tripawd family on here. Charlie is an Angel I know it’s hard it’s your turn to lean. I love you and I’m here (10 minutes away which we did not even know until Bailey Girl received her wings.) Now we have all the Angels above welcoming Charlie and running pain free.
    Charlie knew he was loved and knows you carry his heart everywhere with you.
    Love and tight hugs,
    Tracy and Bailey Girl My Angel

  5. Ellen, I completely with everyone…….Charley will NEVER be forgotten, he is the definition of cancer-kicking legend here, and so loved by so many. We do know how broken you and your husband are, and we share your grief. I love what Tracy said, Charley knew he was loved, and knows you will forever carry his heart.
    Bonnie, Angel Polly, Pearl, and Zuzu

  6. Charley lives on in all of us. He’s a beacon of hope to all affected by cancer. God’s blessings to the anonymous donor and to the whole Tripawd family as we collectively grieve with Ellen and her family while sending them loving hugs and healing thoughts.
    Amy & Spirit Libby

  7. Thank you for sharing Charley’s journey!! it’s very inspiring and definitely gives me hope, my girl was recently diagnosed with OS and two weeks ago had her right rear leg amputated, so we are just starting our journey. You are bombarded with so many stats that reading about Charley definitely lifted my spirits, knowing that there are others like Charley that have put up a fight and lived far more than expected, definitely helps my emotional rollercoaster ride. I am so sorry for your loss, but know that Charley lived an amazing life full of love surrounded by his beautiful family, he will forever live in your heart and his story will encourage other families to not give up hope, that there is a fight to put up but a fight forth fighting….With much love, Jazmin & Sunday


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