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Dymond’s Gift to Six Lucky Tripawds Foundation Donors

Now is the best time ever to make a donation to the Tripawds Foundation! Tripawds member Katrina, mom to Angel Dymond, opened a new craft business and she is donating a very special, one-of-a-kind item to anyone who donates $10 or more to the Tripawds Foundation.

Only 6 of these one-of-a-kind tiles are available for Tripawds members only:


Katrina tells more about how to take advantage of this limited offer:

“Dymond’s Paw is a home based craft business dedicated to the preservation of memories. Specifically, we specialize in pet keepsakes and handmade décor gifts of all kind. From creating a memory of a beloved pet to preserving a favorite family photo, Dymond’s Paw can do that for you.

Dymond Rottie TripawdDymond’s Paw can place your personalized memento on wood, tile, glass or an ornament. You can have your custom keepsake displayed on your wall, on your counter, at your desk, in your car, on your table, the possibilities are endless. If you are anything like me I wanted to see my fur baby anywhere I spent time because she was my furry kid (with three paws). Don’t see what you want? No problem. I can create that special request for you, just send me what you are requesting and let the creativity commence.

Above all, the true inspiration of this business was my Rottweiler, Dymond, who taught me the true meaning of unconditional love. She didn’t have bad days, she never was too tired to greet me and she never cared what I looked like. From the moment she entered my home she left paw prints on my heart and taught me the true meaning of companionship, patience and love. She was more than a dog, she was my very best friend and a member of my family. Her story of triumph, hope and faith inspired me to share my love for her with those who equally love their pet and family.

Losing Dymond was one of the hardest moments in my life, she still holds a piece of my heart and that was catapulted into this business. Creating something in her memory was my way of honoring her and ensuring people knew pets are gems (true diamonds) and the love they offer is indescribable. In fact, the world can stand to learn a thing or two from animals who are our partners, friends, protectors and confidants. Pets enjoy simple pleasures, take each day as it comes and don’t hold grudges. Their boundless love is one human beings would do well to imitate.

Dymond’s Paw is not only dedicated to my Rottweiler, but to pets of all kind who love their humans as parents and who give boundless energetic love beyond measure. Also to all who have loved and who continue to love their pet with boundless adoration, this too is a dedication to you. To all of the Tripawds this is especially for you because this community defined the words courage and strength. Dymond made my world a better place, may she shine bright forevermore.

To the Tripawds Foundation cause:

To the memory of ALL Tripawds, make a $10.00 or more tax-deductible donation to the Tripawds Foundation, and the beautiful ceramic tile keepsake you see below will be delivered to your door. Dymond’s Paw will donate this one of a kind item because pet amputees are courageous too.

Contribute Here for Your Free Gift!

During two of the most difficult times in my life (Dymond’s amputation and passing) the Tripawds website helped me in ways words cannot describe. Without the love, care and support of these amazing people every milestone would have been that much more difficult. There is always someone willing to help, offer advice and give to those in need, this organization is amazing. This is my way of giving back to Tripawds who so selflessly gave to me. They continue to remain a source of strength, encouragement and warm sentiments.”


How to Get Your Dymond’s Paw Gift

Limited time offer, subject to change without notice, ONLY six (6) available.

Contribute Here for Your Free Gift!

4 thoughts on “Dymond’s Gift to Six Lucky Tripawds Foundation Donors”

  1. Such a lovely way to pay tribute to Dymond, “a dog who never had a bad day.” Katrina, you paid homage to your beautiful Dymond, to everyone on this journey and to this compassionate community in such a meaningful and heartfelt way.

    Your website is a true reflection of your heart and a splendid way for Dymond to continue touching lives through you. You’ve created a so many ways for us to preserve the memories of our precious furbabies.

    I have already ordered a couple of personalized glass ornaments and will post their pictures when they arrive. So excited!

    Your beautiful tile is such a great way for us to “display” our love for our Tipawds and for this invaluable community!

    Thank you Katrina and Dymond!

    Much love to ya’!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

    PS…I went to make a donation to Tripawds with PayPal and, of course, hit a snag with my password and then plugging in the cr. cd. number. Anyway, if any are left tomorrow I’ll try again when I’m a bit less tired!

  2. Sally,

    It is my pleasure and honor to contribute to an organization and cause so worthy and dear to my heart. I know NO other way than to give to those who have compassionately and selflessly given to me. As always, THANK YOU for your tender heart and overflowing love.

    Katrina and Angel Dymond


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