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Contributions Large and Small Help Keep Tripawds Online

“In celebration of my 2 year anniversary as an honored member of this wonderful Tripawds community, and in memory of my sweet Angel Polly, and all other beloved angel Tripawds that have gone over the Bridge.” bcullom

Tripawd Angel Polly
Tripawd Angel Polly

In addition to the frequent support and recurring donations from dedicated Tripawds members like Bonnie, anonymous contributions of all sizes help keep this community online and free to use for concerned pet parents seeking help.

We acknowledge every donation the Tripawds Foundation receives with an email thanking the donor with any applicable rewards for the contribution. For all donations we request a story about their Tripawd Heroes or Angels to share here on the Honor Roll. Sometimes we never hear back.

Tripawds foundation Thank You Letter

Recently we received such an anonymous contribution in the amount of $250! You know who you are, and we thank you once again for your generosity.

Oftentimes we receive a donation from other total strangers who don’t even have a three legged dog or cat. Take Patrick* for example…

“I don’t have a 3-legged companion myself, but I’ve long admired this site & community and what it does for folks who do. It’s just my pleasure to be able to support the Tripawd mission in a small way. Thanks and keep up the awesomeness!”

Awesome indeed.

Thank you all for your continued support, no matter how much you give. Every little bit helps us fund projects that help Tripawds Everywhere!

Support Tripawds to Honor Your Angels & Heroes Here

*For the record, Patrick is not a total stranger. He is part of the super support team at WPMU Dev, which makes the Fundraising plugin that powers our charitable contribution platform here at

2 thoughts on “Contributions Large and Small Help Keep Tripawds Online”

  1. This truly nis one of the sweetest pictures of a beautiful and gentle little Soul.

    And to say that a dog wears a certain color well is silly, right? Look at that picture and tell me Polly doesn’t look pretty in pink!

    Bonnie, you bring so much heart and compassion to this community and it is so appreciated. This journey is not easy, that’s for sure. You have such a gentle way of loving people through it and that is so soothing to everyone here.

    Miss Polly, we thank you for the privilege of being on this journey with you and your human! I know the Bridge is having a great celebration in your honor today. I’m sure Maggie is making sure you have plenty of ice cream snd cake!

    Thank you Bonnie…for being you.
    With love,

    Sally and My Chunky Spiritual Being Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

  2. Patrick, how very caring to help supprt this invaluable community. Thank you for being so thoughtful as to recognize the need to keep this site going. It REALLY does matter to thousands of dogs and cats on this journey.

    With appreciation,

    Sally and My Eternal Light Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!


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