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The Maggie Moo Fund for Tripawd Rehab

Agile Cow Dog Maggie was a long term canine cancer survivor and huge inspiration for Tripawds everywhere.

Agile Cow Dog Maggie Moo
Miss Maggie Moo

Maggie was a retired agility dog, who continued to remain fit and love life on three legs while helping other Tripawds and their people learn how to do the same. Her mom Tracy (aka Tripawds Member: maggie) frequently posted photos and videos from the conditioning exercises and Wag-It Games they did together.

Tripawd Maggie Balance Exercise
Maggie performing balance exercises.

In fact, it was Tracy who first informed the Tripawds community about the benefits of rehab exercises and introduced us to FitPAWSĀ® canine conditioning equipment.

Introducing the Maggie Moo Fund for Tripawd Rehab

If it weren’t for Miss Maggie Moo, and her mom Tracy, we would likely never have become so passionate about stressing the importance of rehabilitation for new amputee dogsā€”and Wyatt Ray probably wouldn’t be as fit as he is!

They were the main inspiration behind the second Tripawds e-book, Loving Life On Three Legs, which is filled with tips for keeping three legged dogs fit and strong. Much of the book’s most helpful contentā€”exercise tutorials, how-to videos, FitPAWS demonstrations, even instructions for building and using your own mini obstacle courseā€”came directly from Tracy.

Maggie's Tripawd Exercise Tips
From Loving Life On Three Legs

This is why we are pleased to announce that the Tripawds Vet Rehab Reimbursement Program is now …

maggie moo fund for tripawd rehabThe Maggie Moo Fund For Tripawd Rehab

Thanks to the support of members like you, the Tripawds Foundation created this fund to help spread awareness about the importance of rehab for three legged dogs and make consultation with a certified rehab practitioner more affordable. Since Maggie was such a shining example of Tripawd Fitness, we wish to memorialize her by naming the fund in her honor.

Act now to save up to $200! A limited number of rehab visits will be reimbursed, and submission is simple:

  1. Visit a certified canine rehab practitioner for an initial evaluation.
  2. Submit your receipt within 30 days of the visit.
  3. Provide a short written report about your experience with a couple photos.

Please read our original announcement for complete details and submission guidelines for reimbursement. Then find a CCRT or CCRP near you and schedule your first visit today!

Maggie would be proud.



The first five recipients of the Maggie Moo Fund reimbursement for a canine rehab visit will receive a free copy of Loving Life On Three Legsā€”Canine Fitness and Conditioning for Happy, Healthy Tripawds. Schedule your appointment soon!

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15 thoughts on “The Maggie Moo Fund for Tripawd Rehab”

  1. Oh My Dawg…I am COMPLETELY blown away! I am completely and utterly humbled and honored….sitting here crying my eyes out. What an honor..I am so happy to have helped and continue to help others, realize the importance of keeping our tripawds as strong as possible! Maggie – you were an incredible soul…living on to this very day…

    Tracy & Spirit Maggie

  2. How awesome. Tracy you & Maggie are a great inspiration. I am so glad this happened in honor of her.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  3. Tracy an Maggie have inspired and helped in so many ways. They inspired us to create the Heart Dog division of Wag It Games. This program allows physically challenges of all types to compete in Wag It Games trials on courses customized for their individual needs. Tracy and Maggie have made the world a better world for so many. Love you Tracy and miss you Maggie

    • Sumac we have no doubt that you too played a big role in Maggie’s very fit life on three legs. Thank YOU for all you do to make life better for dogs, especially those with challenges.

    • Thank you Sumac for creating the Heart Dog program! So many dogs will benefit and still be able to compete! Wag It Games ROCKS!

      Tracy & Spirit Maggie

  4. Thank you jerry. Tracy and Maggie inspired the path. Hopefully we will get to know more tripod and physically challenged dogs participating in Wag It Games


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