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Domino First Recipient of Maggie Moo Fund

The Tripawds Foundation is honored to announce that Cassie and Domino are the first to receive reimbursement for their rehabilitation visit thanks to The Maggie Moo Fund for Tripawd Rehab!

Read about their experience below, and schedule your rehab appointment today! Only a limited number of sessions remain to be reimbursed, but if you act quickly you can receive up to $200 simply by providing a few photos and short story about your experience. Many thanks to Cassie for sharing hers here!

…simple things that we already do at home are great exercises.

Canine Rehab for Tripawd Domino

Free Canine Rehab for Domino

Domino and I visited Dr. Kennedy at the Animal Rehab and Conditioning Center (ARCC). We had an absolute blast! She did a very thorough exam on him and went over his range of motion in all three legs. She had me show her what I have been currently doing at home, which is mainly massage and flex and extension.

Canine Rehab for Tripawd Domino
Passive Range of Motion (PROM) Exercises for Domino at Rehab Session

I was very pleased that she said Dom is in great shape! His homework is building up his core strength. I think my favorite thing I learned was that simple things that we already do at home are great exercises. Easy things, like lifting his feet to dry them after coming inside, or lifting his front leg to put on his harness can be turned into actual exercises to improve his core.

Canine Rehab for Tripawd Domino
Domino Exercises on the Balance Disc

I think Domino’s favorite part of the visit was working on the FitPAWS equipment. We did some work on the Balance Pad, Balance Disc and the Peanut. He loved them all so much we ended up buying a Balance Disc to work with at home.

Dr. Kennedy also wanted to see how Domino performed in the underwater treadmill. It wasn’t his favorite, but he did really well and she was happy with how he moved. Dr. Kennedy was the best, towards the end of the visit she printed off multiple pages of exercises and workouts for Domino and me to do at home.

Canine Rehab for Tripawd Domino
Hydrotherapy for Tripawd Domino

We even got very fun homework, like teaching Dom to sit up and shake, which she said aren’t only cute party tricks, but very beneficial to his core. After all the hard work we talked about activities and playtime games that Domino could do safely. To help keep his remaining front leg safe and stable she did recommend a stabilizing brace for his wrist to be worn during walks and outside playtime.

Most of what I learned from Dr. Kennedy can be easily done at home, but it was great to have her guidance at how to perform the exercises properly. Overall I’m thrilled that she said I was doing a great job with Domino and I can’t wait to add in the exercises and workout routine that she’s given us.

Canine Rehab Hydrotherapy for Tripawd Domino
Domino on the Underwater Treadmill

How to Get Free Vet Rehab Session

Rehabilitation and frequent canine conditioning exercises are important for keeping amputee pets fit and healthy. The Tripawds Foundation strongly recommends consulting with a certified rehab vet tech to learn fun homework you can do with your dogs and cats at home.

The Maggie Moo Fund for Tripawd Rehab is a trial program offering reimbursement up to $200 for initial consultations. As of this writing a limited number of free sessions are still available, and all we ask is that you share your experience with us here to help spread awareness about the importance and ease of rehab for tripawds.

maggie moo fund for tripawd rehab

4 thoughts on “Domino First Recipient of Maggie Moo Fund”

  1. How awesome. Great job Cassie. I love it. <3 I am thinking about getting some Fit Paws stuff and working on the girls & Bosch. Tracy (Maggie's mom) does stuff with all of her dogs.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  2. Yay Domino!!! So awesome! Have FUN strengthening that core to keep you stronger in the long run! Would be interested in the wrist brace…the type? How about a photo of it! 🙂

    Tracy & Spirit Maggie

  3. That Maggie girl just keeps on touching lives from the Bridge! Tracy, I mean that, okay? She really does! A life of meaning like that doesn’t stop at “transition”!

    What a great chronicle Cassie! The information shared is sooo helpful! The in home things we can do…WOW!!
    And, needless to say, the lictures are ADORABLE!!! The sparkle in his eyes says it all!!

    I wish we had a good rehab place/specialist like Dr. Kennedy in my are. I’d take wildman Frankie there in a heartbeat!

    So happy for you sweet Domino! Well deserved!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  4. Thanks guys! We had such a fun time, and Domino has really been enjoying his workouts!
    Tracy, as far the brace she recommended a medium support brace for his carpus. It’s a tad pricey (on my budget anyway lol). I’m hope to get it for Domino for Christmas, but as soon as I do I’ll post some pictures!
    I’m so glad I had to opportunity to go see Dr. Kennedy, she’s amazing at what she does. I can’t wait to see the progress Dom makes. I was shocked that he learned how to sit up within a week of his visit! His core training must be paying off 😉
    Cassie and Domino


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