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Zeus Was Loved by Many!

Many thanks to Susan, for another charitable contribution honoring sweet Zeusy Bear…

Zeus, I miss you so much. You were the best dog ever.

Zeusy Bear
Zeusy Bear

I will never forget all the times we played and slept next to each other. I want to hug you forever. Mommy is heartbroken, I will help take care of her and Belle now until we see you again, I love you Zeus. Bozo will take care of you now.

~ Love Aunt Sue

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5 thoughts on “Zeus Was Loved by Many!”

  1. Awwww…
    He loved his Aunt Sue soooo much. No one could make him wag his little nub quicker and faster than hearing “Aunt Sues coming over”! Yes Sue, hes with all his cousins and Boo Boo is for sure biting his 4 legs by now! We’ll all be together again. Tears….

  2. Seeing that avatar picture blown up here…OMD! Such a beautiful, handsome, smoochable teddy bear!!

    Yes Aunt Sue, Zeus is @oved by all. We didn’t need to “meet him in lerson” to fall in love with this boy. Deb did a lovely dog of letting us get to know this very special boy and the very special relationship they shared.

    We ALL grieve when you lose one of iur family members, especially one so young. But we also carry these beautiful spirits in our hearts forever. We NEVER forget them. Zeus will always be with us and the torch of hope he carried will be carried on by others in his honor.

    I can only imagine the ruckus when Zeus saw Bozo waiting for him and the Bridge! What a pawty!

    Thank you for honoring our Zeus in such a life affirming way.


    Sally and My Chunky Spiritual Being Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  3. What a beautiful picture of the Mighty Zeus in all his glory! He, as well as his Mom Deb & Auntie Sue will always belong here at this great Tripawd nation. Zeus is so proud that you carry on here as a tribute to him.

    Linda nda & Spirit Mighty Max

  4. It’s because of the Tripawds family that Debbie gets stronger and knows we will see Zeus again. God bless the comments and the support for Debbie, which helps us both deal with the hole in our hearts. I will always support Tripawds and love all of you. Sue

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