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Homer’s Family Helps Tripawds Everywhere!

Many thanks to Leo and his Family!

When we were approached by Homer’s people a few months ago, we had no idea of the overwhelming response there would be to the fundraising project they proposed. Leo’s Bar Mitzvah Fundraiser helped raise more than fifteen hundred for the Tripawds Foundation!

Leo's Tripawds CookbookMore than 20 donors contributed $1724 to be precise.

Leo selected the Tripawds Foundation as the charity project for his Bar Mitzvah—an act of loving kindness. Indeed. But if that wasn’t enough, Leo created a cookbook of his favorite recipes, and those submitted by donors, and sent a copy to everyone who contributed.

We can’t thank Leo and his family enough!

Here’s what Leo had to say about this whole experience…

From Leo:

I was really overwhelmed by the response to my project.  We had hoped to raise just a few hundred dollars, but we wound up raising nearly $2000!  I know it is immediately going to good use at the foundation.  In addition to money donated, I received so many recipes from people that the cookbook was a smashing success.

The book turned out to be a whopping 100 pages long!

The Tripawds Foundation has been such a great resource for my family and Homer, so we wanted to give back in some way to those who had helped us.   We are especially happy too, celebrating Homer being cancer free 1 year after his osteosarcoma diagnosis.  We love him so much, and he really is happier than ever before.

Thank you again for assisting me with my project.  It was a great experience that I will always remember.

Leo and Homer
Leo and Homer

No Leo, thank you! With your help we will be able to inform many more people about how Tripawds is helping others.

How the Funds Will be Used

Stay tuned for next week’s Foundation News Blog post about how these funds are being put to use. We have big news about how they will help us reach more people in need of information, resources and support!

NOTE: Your help is still needed to keep funding Tripawds Foundation projects. Together we can continue to help more amputee pets and their people in many more ways.

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4 thoughts on “Homer’s Family Helps Tripawds Everywhere!”

  1. Love this story! Great job Leo!! I also love the harness Homer is wearing. Where can I get one? I’m involved with a special needs rescue and have three tripawds at the moment (two front and one rear). I’ve been searching for a harness for one of my front leg tripawds (the other front legged has a decent sized stump that keeps the harness in place) and saw this article with the picture. Where can I get one of these?


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