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Maple’s Message

Many thanks to Maple’s people for their generous contribution to the Tripawds Foundation!

This is a tribute to Maple, our Shepard/Lab mix who “beat” osteosarcoma and ended up outliving her normal life expectancy.


Maple was a strikingly beautiful white dog, highly intelligent and devoted to her pack (our family!). She was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in her front left leg in October. 2013. Following amputation and chemotherapy, Maple returned to a surprisingly normal life, continuing to enjoy boat rides, walks, chasing small animals, being petted and good food.


She lived over two years post-diagnosis and was symptom free until the very end, when a new lesion appeared.

Her Message:

Osteosarcoma is NOT a death sentence. There is reason for hope.

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7 thoughts on “Maple’s Message”

  1. My girl Harley has recently been diagnosed with the same. She is 8 year old Rottie girl who just had her front right leg amputated 2 weeks ago. She just had her first chemo treatment. She is a fighter and has not skipped a beat on personality. Do you have any advice that you believe helped with Maple? Amazing story and God bless Bob

    • Thank you for posting a comment, Robert. We think eating during the chemo treatments was essential and Maple loved fresh salmon (the more the expensive the better!). We also learned not to baby her. She ran in the woods and sometimes fell down but she learned to shake it off. Maple had a walk every day to keep her legs strong and our vet said to make sure this included uphill climbs.

  2. YAAAAAAAAAY FOR MAPLE!!!! Good job sweet girl!! You have given hope to so many! To have a victory like yours to celebrate around here is so uplifting, so inspirational!
    Love the pictures! You can just see the gentleness, the contentment and the happiness. Yes indeedy, look at that happy face with that great big smile while yiure on the boat with yiur human! Such a priceless treasure!

    Maple, you ARE a priceless treasure! Your legacy of hope will continue on and you will continue to touch lives. Thank you for making a difference! Maple, you will never be forgotten!!

    Thank you for sharing this sweet tribute with us today. I’m sure she’s quite a fashionista at the Bridge stylin’ her scarves!

    Love ro all

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too

  3. Gives me so much hope for my rottie girl Elsa. She’s already beaten grade 3 mast cell cancer and then the osteosarcoma showed up. She had her right front leg amputated in December and is doing fantastic! She’s 9 so we are praying for every extra day she has with us to be pain free and happy. She’s getting her 4th round of Carbo on Friday and is going to start rehab tomorrow and be casted for an orthotic brace to help keep her good leg strong since she’s so big.
    Maple was a beautiful strong girl and I love her smile on the boat!

  4. Thank you for this inspiring message. It really gives me hope for as much quality time as possible with my boy!

    Julie and Buddy

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