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Pampered Chef Tripawds Fundraiser a Big Success!

The Tripawds Foundation’s first fundraiser with The Pampered Chef was a hit! The dynamic duo of Michelle Doner (aka Sassy Sugar Bear’s Mom) and her good friend Kris Olson helped raise $259.23!

Tripawds Pampered Chef Fundraiser
Kris (left) with Michelle (right)

Thanks to Kris and Michelle, Tripawds earned a percentage of Pampered Chef sales that took place between July 18th and 30th. Both ladies were great cheerleaders every day of the campaign, teaching us about the pawesome culinary products offered by the Pampered Chef.

“It has been my pleasure to help raise funds for the amazing work that your community does for each other and those who need help and information when facing such a dramatic, life changing event for their paw-kids!” — Kris Olson, Pampered Chef Guru

They also shared tasty recipes too, like this one for Flourless Oatmeal Bars.

Tripawds Pampered Chef Fundraiser
(click to enlarge)

And if that wasn’t enough, Michelle and Kris both made separate donations to Tripawds Foundation on their own! Clearly they put a ton of work into keeping the momentum going, and we can’t thank them enough. It was such a great idea and every penny will help the Tripawds Foundation continue helping pet parents everywhere.

Tripawds Pampered Chef Fundraiser

This was our first “third-pawty” fundraiser with an organization like the Pampered Chef. Watch for a Tripawds Foundation announcement about two more FUNdraisers coming up before year’s end, but remember: the Tripawds Foundation has a non-stop fundraiser going until we reach our goal for the year to fund our various assistance programs!



3 thoughts on “Pampered Chef Tripawds Fundraiser a Big Success!”

  1. Well done ladies! I got my order last Saturday and was thrilled with everything! Great stuff for a great cause!

  2. This really was an incredibly successful event thanks ro Michelle and Chris!:-) They voth really kept the momentum gping, as well as making generous individual contributions!!

    And look at those smiles in the photo! Talk about lighting up tbe world….:-)

    I love the pic of the doggy waiting for the delivery truck! ADORABLE!!!

    Tha ks again to Michelle and Chris for helping to ensure the continuation kf the Tripawds Community!

    SASSY is so proud!

    Love and appreciation!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  3. Very well done! I can’t get over how QUICKLY my order was received after the party closed – that was AMAZING…

    Thank you!

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