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In Loving Memory of Moby

My Dear Sweet Moby – You were gone way to quickly and way too soon! You have been my constant companion and best buddy through many tough times as well as the great times.


I miss kissing your sweet squishy face, listening to you snore at night, the velvety softness of your ears, the smell of your fur and the way we would hold hands.  You were the absolute sweetest chuppy and I am so sorry that I couldn’t do more for you.  If my love could have cured you, you would still be by my side today.


I want you to know that though you are gone physically your spirit is here with me and I will always hold you dear in my heart.  You will never be forgotten!


I love you so much my precious boy!  Run free of sickness and play with Teddy Bear and Marleigh!  Give them kisses for me and I will look forward to your sweet face waiting for me at the bridge!

I will forever be your girl. ~ Momma

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2 thoughts on “In Loving Memory of Moby”

  1. Isn’t that true – if our love could cure these dogs, they would all still be with us. So sorry for your loss of Moby.

  2. Moby, Moby, Moby! You could not have been anymore loved and could not have any better cared. And oh my goodness, you could not have been any cuter!!!

    You and all your doggy pals truly won the lottery when you found your furever home with these fantastic humans! You taught them how to spoil you and how to have fun and how to do basically anything you wanted anytime!

    I can only imagine the jubilant “welcome home” pawty when Teddy Bear and Marleigh saw you running towards them! Oh my goodness, the stories you three must have shared abput how much fun you had in your earth clothes had ro be spectacular.

    Moby, make your presence known to your humans when you can. Maybe hold her hand with your energy from the Bridge. I think she would like that.

    This is a beautiful tribute for a very, very special pup. Thank you for sharing him with us and fkr sharing these absolutely precious picture. One look and we all fell in love.

    Hugs and love, lots and lots of hugs and love

    Sally and My Chunky Spiritual Being Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie

    PS…..Moby is the brother of tripawd Patchy and Summer is his Mom

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