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Tripawds Tribute to Nelson

Schooner and Nelson are both rescues. Nelson, our tripawd, was recently adopted late last year from Miniature Schnauzers and Friends Rescue, in Redondo Beach, CA.

We had followed Nelson’s (formerly Ditto) story on the MSFR website. At around 6 months old, he was hit by a car on July 4 and was taken to a shelter where Mary at MSFR was contacted to rescue him when his owners never came. Mary and her team worked extensively with him using laser therapy to bring his leg back to life, unfortunately it wasn’t to be.  His front right leg was amputated in September and we adopted him in October after he wasn’t adopted during the rescue fair that MSFR holds weekly. I was convinced he’d be adopted right away so I was very surprised when a few weeks went by and he was still available. We couldn’t wait to submit our adoption paperwork. 🙂

Nelson learned how to get around very quickly on three legs, learned how to use the stairs and do a few tricks.  At just over a year old now, it doesn’t seem to bother him at all. He is so resilient and enjoys running with his sister Schooner and cousin Poppy, also an MSFR alumnae! He is faster than both of them!

Mary referred us to Tripawds to find support, help and advice on having a tripod in our home. He’s become quite the character around other dogs, and a teaching lesson regarding humility and kindness around children and also to us as humans!

Schooner is a recent survivor of cancer, she had cancer of the anal glands, adenocarcinoma. This is a very rare cancer and we are extremely fortunate it was found in time as the survival odds for adenocarcinoma of the anal glands are minimal. She underwent surgery earlier this year by her wonderful doctor Suzi and now has a clean bill of health. We get regular check ups and will be keeping a close eye on her!

Tripawd Nelson
Nelson and His Pack

Here is Nelson in the front, with his sister Schooner (back) and cousin Poppy!

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