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Free Rehab for Tripawd Rottie Boof

Tripawds Community member boofaloof is recipient #29 of the Maggie Moo Fund for Tripawd Rehab. Read on for details about the benefits of his canine rehabilitation and hydrotherapy session at Michigan State University.

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Canine Rehab and Hydrotherapy for Tripawd Rottie Boof

My name is Boof. I am almost 6 years old and full breed Rottie. I have the best Dad in the whole world…who I love with all my furbeing. I have been with him since was just a pup.

I started having pain in my left front leg in December of last year. My Dad and Gram took me to many Vet Dr.’s and they told us I had Osteosarcoma or bone cancer. I didn’t know what that was but my family was crying.

My Dad and Gram took me back to my Vet Dr and they took my pain away but they also took my leg and shoulder.

It’s OK, Ill just have to figure out how to walk like this. I’m “Super Boof”.

So weeks went by and I felt better everyday. I started giving kisses again. We went to my favorite Vet Dr a few more times and then back to our Special Xray Vet Dr.

No more sleepy juice as of yet though. They just took some blood and then gave me some other kind of medicine juice called Chemo in my leg. I started doing this every 3 weeks. After today I have 2 more turns left.

Boof at MSU

Boof meets MSU rehab team.

After the 3rd time I got to go to a new place. It was a BIG place but it was fun. I got lots of treats. I could only have cooked chicken or special meat because of my pancreatitis, but I loved those the most anyways.

The nice people there greeted and pet me and then we went back into this room with lots of stuff in it.

They put me into the silver thing. I didn’t know what it was but I couldn’t turn around and I was a little scared. My Dad and Gram were there so I knew I was OK.

It started filling up with water for some reason. I looked up at my Dad for reassurance. He told me it was OK and that I was doing good. The water got higher and higher. Then the bottom of it started moving. “OMG” I thought. “Dad…get me outta here.” I started swimming because I didn’t know what to do, which was hard because I only have 1 front leg.

Boof rehab

My Gram got me a cool new life jacket with a handle on it so the people there helped keep me up. I finally learned how to walk on the moving thing. They called it a treadmill, whatever that was. Then it was over and they let me out and dried me off. Shewwww…that was hard but it’s making me stronger.

They let me rest and were talking to me so nicely. I must have been being a really good boy. They had me walk around these orange cones things. I don’t know why they were there but the lady in front of me had my meat treats so I just followed.

At the end they had me lay down and I’m glad because I was so tired. Then I got more treats and a massage.

They taught my Dad how to have me do stepping exercises at home, that I should do everyday. They also taught him how to massage me. I get to come back here every week. This will help strengthen my core but more importantly my limbs.

I think I’m really gonna like this thing they called rehab at this place called MSU.

My Tripawds community username is boofaloof. I have a whole Team of Friends and family fighting with me. My Gram calls this “Team Boof”. 🙂

~Cheryl (aka: boofaloof)

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  1. I am kind of partial to Rotties Boof. Thank you for sharing your Rehab information with us. Keep kicking butt

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  2. That was a great story, thank you so much for sharing and keep up the good work!

    Jackie and Huckleberry

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