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A Celebration Donation Honoring Tripawd Billy

What a joy to see Billy just celebrated TWO YEARS of beating cancer on three legs! This week, his dad Al (aka billysdad) sent a celebration donation honoring this amazing senior Tripawd. He writes:

Today marks the 2 year anniversary of Billy’s surgery. It’s a great feeling having him lay down next to me chomping on a squeaky toy as I write this wonderful news to you.

Tripawd Doodle Billy
“We look forward to a great 2021 with Billy.”

We were horrified getting his diagnosis just before Christmas 2018 and spent a very restless ten days from diagnosis to surgery. The restlessness in large part left us when we entered the recovery room and saw him, his tail wagging and the delivery a typical big Billy lick across our faces. Soon after, we contacted Tripawds and will always be grateful for the guidance and encouragement we received. His medical team is the absolute best.

Billy has enjoyed the holiday season and is the best gift we received. I mean that literally, as he loves laying next to the Christmas tree.

The past two winters here have been mild but this year Billy has returned to one of his favorite outdoor activities, he claims his favorite spot in the backyard and proceeds licking snow and ice for a prolonged period of time. It’s very reminiscent of a child licking a snow cone.

Being a big guy we see him slowing up just a bit with age. But this 11.5 year old boy is active and incredibly alert. He always wants to play. Toys in his mouth and his large tail rapidly wagging have and always ben and will be his trademarks. These along with him always setting himself next to a family member when we are having dinner are truly great gifts.

He leads the pack when playing with canine sister Bella (same parents) and brother Brighton in our yard.

We look forward to a great 2021 with Billy. He sends his thanks and best wishes to the Tripawd community in the New Year.

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