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Elliot Gets Free Ruffwear Harness from Tripawds Gear Fund

Another free Ruffwear Web Master harness from the Tripawds Gear Fund has gone to help Caroline (aka: thetripoddanemom) for her three legged Great Dane Elliot.

Tripawds Gear Fund

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Meet Elliot, the Three Legged Great Dane

Elliot came to me from OZR Great Dane rescue as a foster. He was found with a severe hip and pelvis fracture from what we guess was being hit by an suv or truck. He was found in Birmingham, Alabama when the Humane Society found him he had an old tattered bandage on the foot with the most severe nerve damage. We figured it was from where the old owners were trying to fix the damage at home but unfortunately it did more harm than good by keeping the infection in that foot. He was held at the Birmingham Humane Society for the stray hold and then was transferred to me where I work as a kennel tech in a vet clinic and the vets suggested amputation because of how severe his nerve damage was. He came to me on a Tuesday and had surgery on that Thursday I believe. To stay at the office for that weekend for monitoring because he also had a severe upper respiratory infection. I got to bring him home Monday and he immediately was in love with my two dogs, I’ve had a feeling then I would end up adopting him. I had a boyfriend at the time and we were very serious and I talked to him about it because we were talking about getting engaged and of course he supported it because he also fell in love with Elliot. The hardest part was trying to keep him calm for the first month after surgery, all he wanted to do was be free of that dead weight and just run.

Elliot & Caroline

Now Elliot can do anything that any other dog can do except for jumping or climbing into the car where he needs assistance or if we go hiking he tends to get tired after a while and we have to stop to let him have a break. With him being a Great Dane unfortunately his life expectancy is not more than six because of the amputation and he is already one, but I plan on getting him the best life I can for as long as I can.


Why Elliot Needs A Harness

I am currently on a leave from work taking care of my 72 year old father who has been in and out of the hospital since December 30th. It has come increasingly hard to load Elliot up without a good harness. We tried a sling but he’s too tall for me to use it successfully. I bring all 3 dogs with me to my dad’s home during the week and then take them back to my fiance’s and my home on the weekends. It’s been great to get time with my dad that I normally wouldn’t have had but unfortunately it’s breaking us financially. I will absolutely send pictures and updates of my boy in his gift anytime. I love to share pictures of my dogs and I’m happy to do that often.


Free Ruffwear Harness Helps Tripawd Great Dane Elliot

Elliot is a huge dog weighing in at 110 lbs. I’m only 5lbs heavier and I stand about 5’3 on a good day. Lifting him with a sling was impossible for me because of my height. I’m so thankful for this harness because of this I can load him up in the car by myself, help him up if he takes a tumble, or help him up and down our steps if they are frozen!


I can’t wait to see what his future holds only being 1 year old and how much this will help. I’m so thankful for all of the wonderful people who made it happen!

~Caroline and Elliot (aka: thetripoddanemom)

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