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Tripawd Great Pyrenees Olaf Gets Free Canine Rehab

Tripawd Great Pyrenees Olaf benefits from canine rehab thanks to Tripawds Foundation Rehab Grant #132. The free consultation and prescribed rehab exercises will help Olaf get strong and stay fit. Read his story, and learn how you can get a free veterinary rehab evaluation for your dog or cat.maggie moo fund for tripawd rehabYes! Tri-kitties qualify for free feline rehab too. See all Tripawds who have received free rehab sessions thanks to your support.

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Canine Rehab Helps Tripawd Great Pyrenees Olaf

Olaf is a 4 ½ year old Tripawd Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shephard mix. In July he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma of the front left wrist. We had the leg amputated on 7/15/22. I was searching the internet and was fortunate to find the Tripawds Community when he was first diagnosed. It has made this journey so much easier and helped us in so many ways. We had some minor complications with bleeding, seromas needing drained and significant GI issues. By middle of August, he was doing better so we planned our first PT visit.

I researched the listing for certified PT therapists on the American Association of Rehabilitation Veterinarians and found Austin Canine Rehab and Wellness – Dog Rehabilitation Austin TX | Austin Canine Rehab & Wellness. Sonia Lucas was the therapist that worked with us on 9/1/22 in our home.

tripawd great pyrenees olaf
PROM stretches for Tripawd Great Pyrenees Olaf.

Sonia did a thorough exam of our Tripawd Great Pyrenees Olaf looking for any areas of tight or stiff muscles and places with decreased range of motion. She showed me how to do PROM (passive Range of Motion) stretches for all 3 of his limbs. She suggested this PROM and massage every day when he’s relaxed. It is important to find the tension and then back off slightly while holding for 30 seconds and releasing. I learned gentle massage techniques to use to help relax the tight areas. She found an area near his back right hip that she worked and noted it is affecting his gait. That will be an area of focus.

canine rehab
Weight shifting helps improve balance.

At Home Rehab Exercises for Olaf

She also gave us 3 therapy exercises to do 3 times/ day for total of 15 minutes…

Standing posture: While Olaf is standing, we gently slide each hind leg back until his stance appears normal – this will help pull his front leg into position. This will help his standing posture and relieve tension in his back and legs.

Weight shifts: While standing with good posture, one of us will rock his hips forward and backward slightly. This gentle motion helps work on core adjustments. Next we rock gently side to side both at his hips and shoulders. These exercises help his ability to adjust and stay stable while building core his muscles.

canine rehab
Side stretches help develop core muscles.

Treat side stretch: Lying on his surgical side we will have him reach the other direction for a treat to help strengthen his neck muscles. We will continue with side neck stretches while sitting or standing. Stretching and extending his neck muscles will help with strength and alignment.

Other things to research and consider:

A Bio-pulse Electromagnetic Therapy Bed. She uses these all the time in her work and is convinced it helps with pain relief, faster healing and increased mobility while reducing inflammation.

Thera-paw carpal brace for his front wrist to provide support for his right front leg during walks.

Thanks for helping encourage and provide this therapy consultation as I might not have otherwise done this and it was very helpful.

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