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Teach Your Dog to Paint Video Course Now Available

Did you know that all dogs can learn to paint gorgeous artwork? It’s true! And you can teach your dog to paint too!

Learn How to Teach Your Dog To Paint

Announcing the Teach Your Dog to Paint Video Course! It’s the world’s first training method that teaches pet parents how to train their dog to hold a brush and create gorgeous artwork, like this:

German Shepherd Schultz the painting dog
Let Schultz show you how to train your dog to paint!

Your instructor is Natasha Baguley, mom to the legendary Kaiserin the Painting Tripawd and now painting dogs Schultz and Wilhelmina. Natasha is a certified trick dog trainer. And, in this course she shares all the tools, training, and tips that make painting with your dog loads of fun! Her four-session video course includes a step-by-step workbook, supplies list, and four easy to follow videos to help you get started painting with your dog.

Angel Kaiserin the painting Tripawd dog hero
Angel Kaiserin will inspire you to do more with your dog!

Dog Painting Course Proceeds Help Tripawds Everywhere!

And, you know what’s even more pawesome? All proceeds help support the Tripawds Foundation Pet Cancer Care Package Program!

As we get ready for the upcoming Tripawds Painting Dog Art Auction, we’re so excited to announce this new how-to course. It’s for anyone who wants to paint with their three or four-legged dog. After all, we believe just about any dog can learn to paint. This interactive activity is a fun way to engage dogs of any size, age, or ability.

Who knows? With a little time and patience, you may soon be ready to join the fun in our next Tripawds Painting Dog Art Auction!

teach your dog to paint
Learn from expert artists Schultz & Wilhelmina.

Download this four-session instructional video course now and learn how to teach your dog to paint.

  • Get the best dog painting tips from Certified Trick Dog Trainer Natasha Baguley.
  • Your workbook includes private links to four tutorial video sessions.
  • Get a complete supplies list with all of the materials you will need to get started.
  • Know that you are helping pets with cancer and their people!

Teach Your Dog to Paint with 4 How-to Videos

Natasha is an incredible instructor with a long history teaching dogs how to do amazing things. She has taught her three dogs to not only paint, but earn “Trick Dog Certification.” Kaiserin was her first champion trick dog and namesake of the Tripawds Foundation Pet Cancer Care Package Program.

In addition, you’ll receive step by step training tips and fun examples with painting dogs creating artistic masterpieces.

Your purchase includes:

  • Dog Painting Basics & Supplies
  • Brush Making and Paint Selection
  • How to Hold the Brush
  • Touching the Canvas
  • Advanced Artwork Techniques

There are other techniques you can use to teach a dog to paint – but this is our technique! It is what we have found works best not just for us, but for other dogs I have taught.

Certified Trick Dog Trainer
Course Instructors
Instructors Natasha, Shultz & Wilhelmina
teach your dog to paint
Hold the Brush
teach your dog to paint
Basics for Beginners
teach your dog to paint
Advanced Art Techniques

Course includes 30 minutes of instructional video with tips for beginners and advanced techniques. Follow along with the 18-page workbook featuring additional tips and tricks.

Learn from an Expert Dog Painting Instructor

Natasha earned her Trick Dog Trainer Certification from Do More with Your Dog. In 2018 she began training her Trick Dog Champion Kaiserin to create beautiful masterpieces. Today, Kaiserin’s siblings Schultz and Wilhelmina keep her legacy alive in this course as they show you how to have fun painting with your dog.

dog painting course
Workbook with Supplies List
dog painting course
Step by Step Tips and Tricks
dog painting course
Tips from Beginner to Advanced
teach your dog to paint
Inspired by Kaiserin

Tripawds Spokesdog Nellie makes an appearance too, and shows how easy it is to get started painting. You also get to learn from expert artists Leo, Ralphie, and other canine artists as they demonstrate their techniques.

Painting dog Leo from Scotland
Leo will amuse and teach you at the same time!

We know you will love teaching your dog to paint! This is a fun thing you can do with your Tripawd even during amputation recovery. And it’s yet another way to show the world that three-legged dogs can do anything!

Remember, all proceeds from the Teach Your Dog to Paint course support the Kaiserin Care Package fund to help pet cancer heroes and their people everywhere! Thank you for your support.

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