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Your Tripawds Community Fundraiser Can Make a Difference on 3/3

It’s almost here! Tripawd Awareness Day happens March 3rd. This is your chance to make a difference just by starting a Tripawds Fundraiser on your Facebook or Instagram profile.

Tripawd Awareness is Counting on You

March third (3/3) is international Tripawd Awareness Day. While we celebrate the strength and love of our three legged friends every day, Triday is the one day each year we encourage everyone else to do the same. And the theme this year is:

Share to help Tripawds everywhere!

Three legged dogs and their humans
People are the power behind the Tripawds Foundation!

You might have seen your friends have a birthday fundraiser on Facebook or Instagram. This Triday, you can find out just how easy it is to hold one.

All proceeds help keep the community online. In addition, charitable contributions help fund grants that help pay for amputation surgery or free rehab sessions. The toll-free Tripawds Helpline, Gear Fund, Kaiserin Pet Cancer Care Packages and more are all made possible with your support.

How to Start a Tripawds Community Fundraiser

Just follow the simple steps below to create a Tripawds Community Fundraiser on your favorite social platform.

How to Start Facebook Fundraiser

How to Start Instagram Fundraiser

  1. Select the Tripawds Foundation as your charity.
  2. Consider setting a goal of $333.
  3. Share your fundraiser with friends and family.
Sample Tripawds Community Fundraiser
Sample Tripawds Community Fundraiser

Share the Tripawds Community Fund

Not on social media? Don’t want to start your own fundraiser? We get that. You can still help. Just share the current Tripawds Foundation Community Campaign to help support all our resources and assistance programs.

Share to Support the Tripawds Foundation

Your Tripawds Community Fundraiser benefits everyone who is helped by the Tripawds Foundation. From pets to people in need, this is a simple way to keep our programs going in 2024. Thank yo ufor all you do to help our three-legged dog and cat heroes of the world!

Sharing is Caring!

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