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Bruno’s hygroma Leads to Amputation, With help from Tripawds

This Tripawds Foundation ASAP grant helped cover surgery costs for amputation due to a growing hygroma for new Tripawd Bruno. Read on for his story, and learn more about the Tripawds Amputation Surgery Assistance Program. See if you or someone you know qualifies for our pet amputation financial assistance.

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This Tripawds ASAP grant is made possible by the charitable contributions of Tripawds fans like you. Thank you for your support!

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Tripawd Bruno Gets Help with Hygroma Amputation Surgery

Bruno, our 11-year-old fur son, had a slow growing hygroma for about 1.5 years. Each vet said to “watch and wait” and it wasn’t causing pain or harm. Towards the end of February, the hygroma came to a head so we kept it bandaged, awaiting a vet appointment. On 2/27/24, we woke to blood. We attempted to stop the bleeding, but it shot out in a stream everywhere. Next, we wrapped it as quickly as possible, loaded him in the car, and attempted to find an emergency vet. Finally, w ended up at BluePearl. They took him right back.


They eventually called us into a room and explained that it had ruptured and would continue to. “Because of the size and location, it would be nearly impossible to heal correctly. Unfortunately, the entire leg does need to be removed. That’s our only option at this time.” After consulting with one another, the vet, and surgeon, we approved it. It was NOT time to say goodbye. He was acting normal and happy, even under the circumstances. Bruno kissed us and marched back out with the tech like he knew exactly what needed to happen.   


The surgery was successful, and the recovery has been also. They determined he did have a soft tissue sarcoma encapsulated within the hygroma. Unfortunately, the unexpected emergency care and procedure meant a very unexpected financial burden. Between my husband and I both being self-employed and caretakers to our own elderly and ill family members, we simply don’t have resources for situations like this. This assistance is such a blessing to our little family.

Bruno’s needs have forever changed, but we’ll always give him 110%, just like he has for us. We’ve attached photos of our handsome, happy boy that’s sure to make you smile. 

~ Christina, Joshua, and Bruno

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