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For Bledsoe the Bulldog

Bledsoe the Bulldog had such an impact on so many lives. He was a fun, loving, athletic, stubborn, sensitive, playful and loyal pup.


In his last months as a Tripawd, he taught us to live in the moment, don’t let anything bring you down and stay positive no matter the circumstances. He gave so much in his 7 and a half years with us and we will miss him very much.

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2 thoughts on “For Bledsoe the Bulldog”

  1. Sweet Bledsoe jumped into our hearts from day one!. And a dog like Bledsoe will never leave our hearts! It has been such a privilege to follow this hunk of cuteness on his brave and spunky journey! It’s also been a privilege to see the depth of love Bledsoe had every day of this journey…everyday of his life!

    Bledsoe showed everyone that Bull Dogs can rock three legs effortlessly. Nothing slowed Bledsoe down. He just got on with living life tto the fullest.

    It is IMPOSSIBLE to look at a picture of Bledsoe without smiling! He has THE most expressive smoochable mug of any dog ever!

    This is such a life affirming way to pay tribute to this very special Soul. Thank you. Thank you for the lovely tribute. And thank you for sharing Bledsoe with jrs. Bledsoe will NEVER be forgotten here.

    Surrounding you with Bledsoe’s sloppy kisses and eternal smile

    Sally and My Chunky Spiritual Being Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie

  2. What an irrepressible, magnificent, handsome, happy, happy, happy character!!! To see that loveable, kissable, big mug is enough to spread sunshine throughout the day and through the night and the shining stars. Bledsoe, your spirit will live with all who crossed your path and will especially be seen when they grin, smile, laugh, chortle, chuckle, and guffaw because you, Bledsoe, are the heart and soul of happiness and love. That makes you more than special. That makes you the Angel of the Heart. Big hugs to your family. May the warmth of Bledsoe’s love wrap you close together in his memories.

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