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Tripawds ASAP Grants Extended

Thanks to your generous support throughout the 2019 Tripawds fundraising campaign, the Board of Directors has agreed to start offering two Tripawds ASAP Grants each month. The Tripawds Amputation Support Assistance Program had been previously cut back to issue only one grant per month due to limited funding. Beginning this month,  we are happy to report that there will once again be two grant application periods each month.

Application Deadlines for Tripawds ASAP Grants

Application periods for Tripawds ASAP Grants are once again open on the 1st and 15th of each month. That means complete applications and all supporting documentation for the current grant period must be received no later than 9:00 a.m Pacific Time on the 1st or 15th.

The Tripawds ASAP fund is an income-qualified reimbursement program that offers up to $500 to help pay for amputation surgery. An itemized receipt for veterinary surgery and post-op photo of the dog or cat must be provided. In addition to completing the online ASAP Grant application, applicants must meet the maximum income qualifications and submit supporting documentation.

Please review the Tripawds ASAP Grant Application Guidelines for complete details. 

View All ASAP Grant Recipients

In 2019, 10 reimbursement grants for veterinary amputation surgery were issued totaling $5,000 awarded to families in need. As additional funding becomes available, we hope to increase the reimbursement amount offered in Tripawds ASAP Grants, and make more grants available. This will only be possible with your support.

Our goal is to help financially distressed individuals with the unexpected financial burden of amputation surgery for a dog or cat. We understand that an unexpected, major veterinary procedure like amputation can create financial hardship for families. For those with limited financial means, amputation surgery costs can be out of reach.

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Sponsorship Opportunities Available

Help ensure the the Tripawds ASAP Grants do not get cut back again. A limited number of ASAP Fund Sponsorships are still available to any person or organization wishing to partner with the Tripawds Foundation to continue helping amputee pets and there people everywhere. View all Tripawds Sponsorship opportunities here.



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