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An Amazing Tripawds Gift for Amputee Animals Everywhere!

Never in a million years could we dream of this amazing Tripawds gift from two painting dogs and their mom who want to help our amputee heroes! But here it is! And this is the story.

An Amazing Tripawds Gift to the Community

amazing Tripawds Gift from Kaiserin, Schultz and Natasha
Schultz and Natasha, proud sponsors of this amazing Tripawds gift!

Just before the close of our 2020 Tripawds Community Fund, Natasha (aka kaiserinmom) and Schultz proudly presented this generous gift for Tripawds Foundation. These are the proceeds from sales of Art by Tripawd Kaiserin, beautiful dog paintings made by Angel Kaiserin and later, her brother, Schultz. And it’s only the beginning! But more on that in a minute.

painting dog helps Tripawds

If you’re new to our community, here’s the backstory about Schultz and Kaiserin, the painting dogs.

Kaiserin Made the World Smile

Kaiserin lost her leg to cancer in 2018. That didn’t stop her from keeping on with her amazing accomplishments. Among many feats, she was a talented and Trick Dog Champion.

Then Kaiserin found her stride making art.


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In January 2020, Natasha wrote to us to say that Tripawd Kaiserin was dedicating her talent to helping Tripawds Foundation. She opened an Etsy shop called Kaiserin the Painting Tripawd, to sell one-of-a-kind dog paintings. “Last week we opened an Etsy Shop to sell her paintings,” said her mom Natasha. “We are planning to donate $20 from every painting sold in 2020 to the Tripawd’s Foundation.”


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With every new Instagram post and painting, Kaiserin made people around the world smile with her wonderful dog paintings and funny adventures alongside her handsome brother Shultz. The proceeds started going into this adorable piggy bank, but soon became too large to leave there.

Schultz shows the original “bank account” for Kaiserin’s gift.

Painting dog Schultz
The little piggy bank couldn’t hold all the donations!

“I got this big bight colored furry piggy bank and at first started putting the money in there. $20 at a time. You know, expecting we would raise a couple of hundred dollars. But it was so much I couldn’t use the piggy bank anymore!” says Natasha.

Then, par for the course for 2020 and so tragically, in October Kaiserin passed away suddenly. Nobody saw it coming. The Rainbow Bridge got the most beautiful new angel, but everyone who knew her was shattered.

Kaiserin the Painting Dog
Her legacy lives on for Tripawds everywhere!

Schultz Continues His Sister’s Mission to Help Amputee Animals

Through their terrible grief, Natasha and Schultz found solace in continuing Kaiserin’s mission. Schultz learned to paint, and the community has responded. Sales continue and @thelifeofschultz on Instagram is making the world smile.

We are so honored to be part of this incredible story of a beautiful dog whose legacy lives on.

“I started this thinking I would raise maybe a couple of hundred dollars in the year but it has become much bigger than I anticipated.” By the end of 2020, they sold one hundred and eleven paintings, with $20 of each sale going to Tripawds Foundation!

Schultz the painting dog for Tripawds
Schultz continues Angel Kaiserin’s legacy.

Watch for Big News About Kaiserin’s Legacy to Tripawds Everywhere!

We are truly honored that Natasha and Schultz made this generous Tripawds gift to the Foundation. But it doesn’t end there. Stay tuned for an exciting announcement about a new Tripawds Foundation program that honors Kaiserin’s legacy and helps our amputee heroes in a whole new way! You won’t want to miss this.


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  1. I have a painting from each of them and absolutely adore them. Love their posts and messages. Both Kaiserin and Schultz have such personality and expressions and makes me happy for that moment reading the posts and pictures. 💜🙏🏼🐾


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