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Volunteer to Help Tripawds Everywhere!

Want to help our 3-legged heroes? Volunteer to help Tripawds Foundation! Yes, we need YOU to help this community in a BIG way. And the best part is, you can do it on your own time, at home, and at your own pace.

volunteers help Tripawds Foundation

WANTED: Volunteers to Boost Tripawds Foundation Outreach

We are currently seeking a few volunteers to help us increase awareness of Tripawds Foundation programs. Volunteering is not a long-term commitment, unless you want it to be. Which we would love! The Tripawds community can really use extra hands-on help. Your skills can help us reach more vets, animal welfare organizations, and pet parents.

Volunteers Help Tripawds Everywhere

You can work at home on your own schedule. How pawesome is that?! We don’t have a hard deadline for completion of these projects. But we want to get them off the ground ASAP Here are the descriptions.

Volunteer Opportunity 1: Build a Database of Animal Welfare Organizations

Are you good at creating spreadsheet lists? If so, we need YOU to help us create a database of animal welfare organizations. This involves getting the names, addresses, and contact information for U.S. and Canadian humane societies, shelters, rescues and SPCAs. As the database grows, other global organizations can be added too.

  • Requires basic online research only, no phone calling
  • Database needs to be created in Excel, Open Office, or Google Sheets
  • Estimated completion time: 1-3 months to start, with occasional annual updates

Volunteer Opportunity 2: Phone Outreach to Veterinary Clinics

Do you like to meet other animal lovers? Enjoy talking on the phone? This project is for YOU! It’s a refresher of the 2018 clinic outreach database project. Phase 1 volunteers helped kick it off, now we need YOU to help keep it going.

We are seeking a couple of volunteers who are fearless on the phone. Your role is to call our existing database of veterinary clinics. Volunteers help Tripawds by verifing practice manager contact information, and getting approval to send the clinic a half dozen Tripawds Outreach Brochures.

  • Majority of outreach needs to be done during business hours (or weekend clinic hours)
  • Should be comfortable with phone contact
  • Have unlimited, call anywhere minutes
  • Basic knowledge of working with Google Sheets (for updating contact info)

Volunteer Opportunity 3*: Publicist

Do you know the ins and outs of helping organizations raise public awareness? Want to make a splash in the pet world by cheerleading for the Tripawds Community? If creating buzz in the press rocks your world, let’s talk! Tripawds Foundation needs a skilled publicist. This person will help us make inroads in the media. We also want to build more connections in the animal welfare world.

  • Create and execute a Tripawds Foundation publicity plan
  • Write press releases and media kit materials
  • Pitch our stories to media
  • Follow up to get coverage in various media outlets

*There may be a small stipend for the volunteer with career experience and a track record

volunteers help Tripawds
The Tripawds Community needs YOU!

Interested in Helping The Community? Let’s Talk!

Tripawds Foundation is grateful for anyone who has the skills, energy, and enthusiasm to tackle these projects. If this sounds like you, please reach out to us today! We would love to have a conversation about how you can volunteer to help us raise awareness. Thanks for considering it.

4 thoughts on “Volunteer to Help Tripawds Everywhere!”

  1. Hi Rene!
    Will the database creation be split among volunteers, like if you get 60 of them, one for every state/province? I can certainly help. I’d prefer Excel since that’s what I use most, but I need to learn Google Sheets so could try that as well.
    Have a great day!
    Lee Ann Wolff
    P.S. I never had the heart to remove my Tripawd On Board bumper sticker and I’ve had two fellow RVers recently ask me about it. I so wish I had Oreo’s Doggyride and other stuff with me here on the East Coast instead of in storage in Tucson. I could have given it away twice by now.

    • Lee Ann! It’s so great to hear from you. We can certainly divvy it up among volunteers and we are happy to work with you by using Excel. It can easily be uploaded to Google Sheets so we can all review it.

      I love that you still have your sticker! Wooohoo! Keep spreading the word and the legacy of Oreo! And if you make it back to Tucson let me know. We’ll be in the desert again this winter.

      Thanks so much for asking!


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