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Free Ruffwear Harness for Mac from Tripawds Gear Fund

This free Ruffwear Flagline harness from the Tripawds Gear Fund has been awarded to Aleks (aka: mackies) for new amputee GSD Mac.

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Mac Bounces Back from Amputation Surgery

The amputation surgery was on Nov 18th. Mac’s red blood cells were lower & they wanted to keep him for another night unexpectedly, just to make sure they were stable. It had dropped from 36 to 28 in a 3 month period. This is probably due to the cancer. Mac was pretty weak when we got home & needed a lot of breaks during his potty breaks outside.


On the 3rd day post surgery, Mac didn’t want to go outside & would only fall asleep after we iced his surgery site. But despite all of this, he still has a smile on his face.

By the 4th day, he did hop by himself this morning! It made my entire day because last night we took him out 3-4x and he wouldn’t pee and would get tired by the time he would get outside.


Mac looooves to have a snack after dinner. I froze a little bit of pumpkin pure in a toy so that we could hit the next recovery mile stone: pooping. Lots of toots but no poo on day #3. The 4th day post surgery was the 1st time he has barked in his sleep again! I hope it’s because he’s feeling relief from pain he was feeling. I had to remind myself that: healing is number one priority, walking & exercise will come later on.

What I found helpful was reading through forum posts & found it very informative. BUT keeping in mind that you can’t pay attention to anyone’s timeline but your dogs. There were a couple of nights when I was in full panic mode, thinking that full recovery might not be possible because of him already having one bad leg, so essentially he has 2 good ones. BUT when I panic I forget that dogs have amazing resilience.


On the 6th day morning post surgery, Mac woke up in the best spirits. It was an exciting day for the both of us! Mac does not like to be helped out, at all. So this harness would be a way for me to help him out, without him feeling like I was helping because “I can do it on my own, don’t need your help mama!” Mac has lost a lot of confidence & significant muscle. But w/ this harness, we will make sure to bring his confidence back.


Free Harness Helps Mac

One of his favorite things to do is go on a car ride, that’s when he is the happiest & most relaxed. This harness helps us get into the car to do just that. 🙂 He is still healing so that is why there is a t-shirt under! Thank you again for all of your support!

~Aleksandra and Mac (aka: mackies)

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