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LuLu’s Tripawds Foundation Donation is a Family Affair

What a surprise to receive Lulu’s Tripawds Foundation donation family gift! We received several personal checks in the mail recently, all in honor of Trikitty Lulu and her remarkable recovery.

Lulu's Tripawds Foundation donation story
Lulu the 3-legged cat recovers from remaining leg femur fracture.

When your pet needs to lose a leg to save their life, some families don’t get it. When they do, makes all the difference for the Tripawd and everyone they touch.

The Story Behind Lulu’s Tripawds Foundation Donation from her Family

Lulu Tripawds Foundation Donation
Luiu’s broken femur needed an external fixator!

Lulu’s amputation journey has been harder than most. In March 2020, she lost her leg to an outdoor accident. She recovered nicely, but in September, Lulu mysteriously fractured her remaining rear leg.

After doing scans, they determined she fractured her femur and let us know she’d have to have a plate and pins implanted. When they went in they saw the fracture was much worse than the scans showed. Now Lu has to have the plates and an external fixator! The recovery will be much longer pretty intensive. Especially with her other back leg gone, she basically has half a back leg at this point.

In the wild ride of 2020 that followed, we never heard back from Lulu’s people. We can’t blame them one bit. Caring for a three-legged cat with an external leg fixator to repair a femur fracture couldn’t have been easy.

3-legged cat remaining leg injury
Lulu wasn’t afraid, she could do anything!

We wondered how Lulu’s recovery went, until earlier this year, when a mysterious envelope addressed to Tripawds Foundation appeared in our mailbox. And inside the envelope were several checks from members of Lulu’s family!

“Everyone was really happy to donate; they love you guys and were so thrilled we found you!” Lulu’s mom Lea told us in an email. And even better, was her news about Lulu’s fixator leg fracture recovery:

Lulu the 3-legged Cat Recovers from a Remaining Rear Leg Fracture After 12 Weeks with an External Fixator

Here’s what Lea told us:

Oh my gosh Lu is doing amazing! Her recovery went really well… it took longer for the bone to heal but she was a trooper. After 12 weeks her surgeon removed her fixator and after 4 more weeks she released her… they call her Dr. Lulu because she was there so much haha. They were really wonderful, in the fall they turned her bandage into a pumpkin and then a skeleton. Just little things like that were so sweet. During the whole thing she was really great. She hated being contained in our spare room so we would move her to our dog’s large crate during the day so she could hang out. She didn’t need too much help from me with her litterbox or anything! Let me clean around her pins etc… she was great!

3-legged cat remaining leg injury
Today Lea is back to her purrfect Trikitty life!

We have steps set up in her favorite places and she’s using them like a champ! Although, she’ll randomly just pull herself up on the couch, when her steps are right next to her? Lol like she’s showing off? She’s a funny one! She’s realllllly been wanting to go outside so… we got her a harness and are starting to train her on it. She haates the harness but knows it’s got to go on if she’s going to go out. She’ll only want to stay outside for a few minutes so we sit on the porch for a little bit and she’s good to go! We’re working on it lol.

Thank you to the Filberto Family and Lulu’s Fan Club!

amputee cat after remaining leg surgery recovery
Tripawds everywhere thank Lulu and her family for their generosity!

We are so grateful for your generosity. Thank you for helping Tripawds everywhere with your donation and inspawrational tale of resilience!

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