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Tripawds Foundation Well Received at AAHA 2016

Don’t miss the detailed overview of the Tripawds Foundation Exhibit at AAHA 2016 in the Tripawds News Blog.

In short, our first exhibit at a veterinary conference was a smashing success! Thanks to Leo, we had a new Tripawds exhibit that attracted attention and informed everyone who stopped by. We had fun Tripawds movies looping, while we gathered contact info from anyone interested. And everyone was interested.

Tripawds Foundation Display at AAHA 2016
Tripawds Foundation Display at AAHA 2016

Tripawds Informs Vets at AAHA Conference

This year’s annual American Animal Hospital Association conference in Austin, Texas drew 2000+ attendees from around the world across all veterinary disciplines—including many leaders in the field.

Dr Christine Hary
Colorado State University’s Dr. Christine Hardy
Dr. Mike Petty
Veterinary Pain Management Expert Dr. Mike Petty

Hundreds of veterinarians, technicians, students and specialists visited the Tripawds Foundation booth over the four day conference. And Wyatt Ray was there to greet them.

Spokesdog Wyatt staffs the Tripawds booth.
Spokesdog Wyatt staffs the Tripawds booth.

When we informed them about what we do, not one single person said, “not interested”. In fact, we left the show feeling validated and reassured about the work we are doing to help Tripawds and their people everywhere!

Here are just a few comments we heard from veterinarians:

“We love Tripawds!”
“You’re doing important work out there.”
“We need you.”

Helping Vets Help Their Clients

The 2016 AAHA conference was the first time the Tripawds Foundation has exhibited at any sort of industry event. We went to the show hoping to inform vets and techs about how the Tripawds community can help their clients facing amputation for their dogs and cats. Many attendees were familiar with our work. Others were excited to learn we exist.

All wanted to receive the free pet amputation brochures we offer to vet clinics.

Tripawds Materials and Free Vet Clinic Brochures
Tripawds Materials and Free Vet Clinic Brochures

More than 100 clinics will be receiving these free brochures. Designed to help concerned pet parents make better informed decisions about amputation, these materials provide comfort, resources, and a number to call the Tripawds Helpline.

Now, our challenge is to print and mail these brochures without depleting funds reserved for other assistance programs. With the overwhelming response for brochure requests, printing and postage is going to cost more than expected. And with new programs in the works, we need your help to stay on track.

Please consider a small contribution so we can fulfill our goal for this show and continue our ongoing efforts to maintain the free Tripawds community!

Help Tripawds Everywhere!

A Behind the Scenes Look at AAHA 2016

Tripawds founders Jim & Rene staffed the Foundation Booth every day. They set it up, they packed it up, and they carried in and out, all to save handling costs.

Tripawds at AAHA 2016

Tripawds at AAHA 2016

Spirit Jerry was in the booth all week too—reminding us of his legacy, bringing by his doctors and friends from the past.

Wyatt was busy too, and by the end of the show he was exhausted. Good thing we brought his One Cure fluffy.

Tripawds at AAHA 2016
Wyatt had enough by Friday.

So the show went well, but now the real work begins—compiling our lists, fulfilling brochure requests, following up with potential donors, and replenishing our funds so we can keep Tripawds programs going!

Was it Worthwhile? Yes!

The word is getting out. Veterinarians everywhere are learning to refer their amputation clients to Tripawds for comfort and support. Just look at this slide from the limb amputation seminar Rene attended—she’ll be writing about that and much more in the News Blog soon.

Tripawds at AAHA 2016
Limb Amputation Seminar at AAHA 2016

Wyatt even got to meet “JP” (John Paul Mitchell) in the exhibit hall.

Team Tripawds with John Paul Mitchell
Team Tripawds with John Paul Mitchell

So yes, the Tripawds Foundation hopes to do more events like this. But we can only do it with your support.

Help Tripawds Everywhere!


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6 thoughts on “Tripawds Foundation Well Received at AAHA 2016”

  1. Yay, Yay & more Yay. This is such awesome news and great that Jerry lead you to re-connect with some vets. I know Jerry was working his magic. I can’t believe how much we have grown in the past almost 4 years that I have been here. I am so glad that this community was started . You both have done so much work. Thank you.

    Thank you from the bottom of your hearts Jim, Rene, Jerry & Wyatt for all the hard work you have done and continue to do for our wonderful community

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  2. WOW! WOW!!!!!! AND MORE WOWS!!!!!!

    And Wyatt Ray, you are a stupendous Spokes Dawg…and adorable too. You are a star! I know John Paul Mitchell was honored tohave a photo with you!!

    Okay…gonna go make a donation….this good work has to continue!!

    With love and gratitude!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  3. Of course we all know how amazing you are, but it’s so great to see that others out there recognize it too! Jerry really did help you find your life calling 🙂



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