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Tri-kitty Rescue Mochi Finds Her New Home

Thanks to the Tripawds Rescue Fund made possible by supporters like you, we were able to reimburse Tripawds member jbaudry5 for adopting another three legged cat in need. Read on for the story of Tripawd Rescue Mochi…

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Meet Tri-kitty Mochi

My new kitty’s name is Mochi and i adopted her about a month ago. One day, my boyfriend and I decided to stop at the local shelter to just spend some time petting and playing with the animals. I wasn’t expecting what was going to come out of this spontaneous decision! As we walked into the cat room, everyone was gawking at the gorgeous Persian cat sitting in one cage meanwhile I saw a volunteer at the shelter holding a tiny, tatty black cat. She was underweight and her fur was almost entirely shaven off her back and sides but I instantly fell in love with her.


I was told that she was three-legged because a few weeks earlier she got hit by a car and her owner couldn’t afford the vet bills so she was surrendered and nobody’s been wanting to take her. Also, she had been malnourished and so her growth was stunted. She’s a full grown cat but looks like a baby. I took her in my arms and she was the most affectionate and happy cat in the world, despite how many awful things she’s been though. I ended up convincing my parents to allow me to bring her home and she soon became our best friend (and the dog’s). I’ve never adopted an animal with special needs and I was a little worried but I made sure to do my research so she could have the best life. I’m making sure to feed her healthy foods so she stays healthy and doesn’t gain too much weight, avoiding extra strain on her remaining legs.


I always thought it was a lot of work keeping pets with special needs, I have friends who have pets with brain damage, blindness, etc. and I was right, however it’s completely worth it. Seeing her chase the dog around and learn how to jump and pounce makes it completely worth it.

I would tell people considering getting a Tripawd to do it. It is 110% worth the extra work and care. Seeing your furry friend hop over to you affectionately is the most rewarding thing. Knowing you bettered the life of a special needs animal is the best reward I could ask for. Of course, you should do your proper research to ensure that your lifestyle and home is ready to house a Tripawd and that you’re ready for the time and extra work it will take to insure they have a good and healthy life.


She’s the happiest cat in the whole world and she doesn’t even realize that she’s handicapped. She runs around the house at light speed and is able to jump all over the tables, getting in the way of our work or meals just to get a round of ear scratches.

~Daniel (aka: jbaudry5)

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1 thought on “Tri-kitty Rescue Mochi Finds Her New Home”

  1. That is a wonderful story, thank you for sharing! I feel the same way every time Huckleberry hops over to me and all but throws himself on me. You should start a blog so we can follow your story 🙂
    Jackie and Huckleberry


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