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ASAP Expansion on Hold Pending Sponsorship

Good News: The Tripawds Foundation Board of Directors held their first meeting of 2019 and determined the organization has adequate cash reserves for the coming Fiscal Year – thanks to your generous support!

Not So Good News: In order to meet these budgeted numbers, the Board agreed to postpone restoring Tripawds ASAP Fund reimbursements to 2x monthly until June, 2019.

“We had hoped to start giving out two ASAP grants each month again, but the funds just aren’t there.”~ Jim Nelson, President

Rather than start the fund back up to twice monthly, and risk having to cut back the program again, the Board determined the need to wait until June before continuing to offer two ASAP grants per month.

More Good News: The Tripawds Foundation only needs a $2400 contribution dedicated for the ASAP Fund to once again start offering two veterinary amputation surgery reimbursement grants each month. Fans and followers may remember how the Tripawds ASAP Fund was cut in half during the summer of 2018 due to a lack in fundraising.

tripawds asap sponsor

Tripawds ASAP Fund Sponsorship Available

How can you help? Help spread the word that Tripawds ASAP Sponsorship is available for any individual or company willing and able to help restore the program to its previous level of assistance. [ASAP Sponsor Details]

rescue fund sponsor

Rescue Fund Still On Hold

During their meeting, in an effort to keep a balanced budget the Board also reluctantly agreed to maintain the Tripawds Rescue Fund’s indefinite suspension while directing funds to other more helpful assistance programs and resources. Rescue Fund Sponsorship is also available. With a contribution of $1200, the program will be reinstated and modified to limit the number of recipients to one per month. [Rescue Sponsor Details]

Maggie Moo Fund in Full Effect

Finally, the Board decided not to alter the current Tripawds Veterinary Rehab Reimbursement fund in any way.

“We want everyone to have happy, healthy Tripawds!” ~ Rene Agredano, Secretary

Maggie Moo Fund Sponsorship is also currently available to ensure that anyone who takes their Tripawd to a certified rehab therapist will be able to get reimbursed for their first consultation. [Rehab Sponsor Details]

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2 thoughts on “ASAP Expansion on Hold Pending Sponsorship”

  1. Thanks for the uodate. And thanks fot figuring out ways to do whatever it takes to keep this invaluavle Tripawd site up and running!!

    Hopefully we can get ALL the programs fully back on track as more funds come in. For whatever it’s worth, of the programs mentioned, I’m really glad you were able to keep Maggie Moo’s Rehab Fund intact. While the other programs certainly have value, this one specifically makes a difference in the quality of a tripawd’s life.

    With gratitude for all you do for the Tripawd community
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!


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